Congratulations to the winner of the necklace!

YAY! my first blog contest winner! How exciting! And the winner is…..

Monique Ceccato.

Hilarious right, haha. I made it fair though. Whoever I pulled out was the winner.



Hopefully we can get some more contests cranking in the near future dear friends.

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Inspiration,  Outfits

it’s so hard to know what sources you can trust online for purchasing clothes, and well, generally just stuff. so to give you guys a little help, i’d just like to say well done to solestruck.com.

i love their simple layout and the page is easy to navigate to get exactly what you want. apart from that they pretty much get new stock every week, which makes it exciting for your wardrobe, but perhaps not your wallet. hehe. the amount of jeffrey campbell they supply also is impressive but often the best style sell out quickly.

i haven’t personally bought anything from the online store as of yet. but my darling friend bella has and they came quickly and wasn’t too costly and that’s what we all want. so at least go and have a look at the site and im sure you’ll be putting things on your wish list!


some of the photos from Jeff’s fall collection…



charlie black

Famiglia,  Outfits,  Spring

This adorable little Cavoodle is now 7 and a half months old.

Ooo he is my favourite little fluffy thing to cuddle in the world. And possibly the most psycho animal to live. I’m not even kidding.

Apart from that, I got these pants at the sass and bide warehouse sale. Not sure if they’re leggings or jeans, but they have a zip and seams which deems them worthy of wearing as pants…



(such a good nose..)










Wearing: Fluxus t-shirt, Country Road cardigan, Sass and Bide ‘pants’, 2 Baia Vista boots, and used MAC gel liner on my eyes.


And that was my baby sister a little up. Charlie and Maddy make a darling pair.

Aaand I will draw the necklace winner soon. yay.

Dan x


Life and Love,  Outfits,  Winter

..well if only it was the moon making the reflection on our faces and not a large light pole in the middle of the park. Either way this was taken a long time ago and the lighting looks amazing. Kudos to Zac for buying the Cannon 5D. Nothing short of AMAZING. So this is kind of a closer look at my poncho that I care for dearly…












(and a handsome boy in a tree)


Don’t forget about the necklace give away, we are getting close to a good amount of followers :) So keep on following dear friends

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