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Today the weather decided to be rather temperamental. It rained in the morning. The wind went all day. And the sun kept appearing and disappearing. Fortunately we caught the good dash of weather and it was pretty darn beautiful. It means choosing an outfit to be really difficult. I also realised something horrible – I have a slight shoe shortage to the point where I put on my clothes in 5 minutes and took approximately 15 searching for some sort of shoe. Darn it. I need footwear. Well. Here’s what I wore…


1a 3a 4a2a


Wearing: vintage Country Road blouse, thrifted Levi jeans (turned to shorts), Asos socks, Marcus B boots, and the belt is years old from an unknown source.

Dan xx



brooke fraser brooke fraser 2 brooke fraser 3 brooke fraser 4


Brooke Fraser just released her new album ‘flags’. Oh my, she’s just so wonderful. Her lyrics are so well put together and thoughtful. She has such a great sense of style to her work, and her albums are always so collaborative. You know you’re getting all of her hard work and a glimpse in to her not only as an artist but a person when you hear her sing. My current favourite song is ‘Who are we Fooling’ featuring Aqualung. It’s beautiful, have a listen here :)

Dan x

lucky liner


Just had to take a photo of m eyeliner yesterday. It was pretty perfect I must say. Love it when you get that liner shape just right, and you have really turned catty. Thinking I should show how I do my own liner. I think the best tip is, to keep your eye open when you put it on. Just tilt your head back a bit. It beats trying to place a straight line on one squinted and oddly shaped eye!



Dan xx

hi there

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Believe it or not, I am actually still living.

My apologies for the elongated neglect of my blogging. I think an explanation is due, and hopefully I will be redeemed from the title ‘world’s worst blogger’ once you understand my last couple of weeks. So…

Had a conference at our church starting Tuesday night until Friday night. The requirement was basically 7am to 12pm every day. So slightly hectic. However on the last Friday night, I packed my bags left about 8.30pm and drove down to Peppermint Grove Beach (half way between Bunbury and Busselton) for a long awaited long weekend douth with friends for Jordan’s birthday. Was honestly one of the best times of my life. Then the Tuesday we returned we went to the Perth Royal Show, which was, well, a lot more exciting when I was 10. So the next day I slept in then went in to church to get things organised for a bootcamp we were running for 11-14 year olds. Took up a lot of the day. Then all day Thursday and all day Friday starting on Friday evening. I’ve never been so repulsed by the sound of little kids laughing than when it happens simultaneously with crying ‘I’m HUNGRY!’ at 6am. Regardless it was a lot of fun. So returned home on Monday arvo to a rest and then completed my assignment Tuesday only to be back at college today (Wednesday.) So cut me some slack. I promise I’ll make it up to you!

So here are just a few photos from my amazing trip down south.




(my mother doesn’t like froot loops)







Ah and the last few were from the show.

More fashion stuff on it’s way soon. Love you all.

Dan x