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So approximately 100 years ago I went to the vintage markets in Leederville at the flying scotsman with Bella. I found this amazing black 80’s party dress, so here it is:


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And paired with my knee high stockings are a wonderfully tall pair of Senso Diffusion heels

I’m not sure what great event I will wear this to, but it was fun enough just posing for the photos. And you should see it when you spin around :) So until next time friends. Ciao.

Dan x


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This weekend my friends and I went to breakfast at Greenhouse restaurant in the city on St Georges Terrace. The setting was amazing, and let’s be honest, I felt like a little indie girl sitting on the raw looking wooden chairs, eating organic products, and taking condiments out of tiny square jars. I did like my breakfast, although the crust of the bread was practically a rock and I seriously struggled to the point where I just cut it all off and left it on the side of my plate – how childish of me, I know! Anyway, here are a few photos. I did slightly battle with the exposure in a few of them resulting in a really slow shutter speed and therefore blurry photos – it happens…


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We decided to leave once we saw people beginning to order for lunch. So Rachel and I tried to go op shopping – only semi successful, and a lot more expensive than desired. And I found some lovely leopard sandals by RMK. Sure to be seen soon. Here is an awkward and rather failing attempt at taking photos in the mirror amongst bustling David Jones shoppers.


12a 11a


Got home only to leave immediately and take my little sister to find some sort of present/costume for her friends Alice in Wonderland party. We thought perhaps white queen as I had already made a dress for that, but unfortunately she’s almost indigenous so the whole ‘white’ part didn’t really work. We settled at the rabbit and after a large debate over having a nose and whiskers I finally convinced her. Let’s be honest – she looks nothing like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, but she looks darn cute.


14a 13a


another post brewing soon.

Dan xx


la fleur

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Today the weather decided to be rather temperamental. It rained in the morning. The wind went all day. And the sun kept appearing and disappearing. Fortunately we caught the good dash of weather and it was pretty darn beautiful. It means choosing an outfit to be really difficult. I also realised something horrible – I have a slight shoe shortage to the point where I put on my clothes in 5 minutes and took approximately 15 searching for some sort of shoe. Darn it. I need footwear. Well. Here’s what I wore…


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Wearing: vintage Country Road blouse, thrifted Levi jeans (turned to shorts), Asos socks, Marcus B boots, and the belt is years old from an unknown source.

Dan xx



brooke fraser brooke fraser 2 brooke fraser 3 brooke fraser 4


Brooke Fraser just released her new album ‘flags’. Oh my, she’s just so wonderful. Her lyrics are so well put together and thoughtful. She has such a great sense of style to her work, and her albums are always so collaborative. You know you’re getting all of her hard work and a glimpse in to her not only as an artist but a person when you hear her sing. My current favourite song is ‘Who are we Fooling’ featuring Aqualung. It’s beautiful, have a listen here :)

Dan x