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Went to a sweet sixteenth down a rabbit hole on Saturday.

Here are just a couple of little photos. And if you can’t tell, I went as some sort of version on the White Queen (Anne Hathaway.) And kudos to Mikaela for setting up the place so splendid!



oh and I attempted to turn James into the Mad Hatter (without the white lashes!)

Dan xx


Life and Love,  Outfits

Last night was my 2 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend Jordan. 2 years. It seems like such a long time. Almost like we should be married by now! Oh but it was such a lovely night. We went to must winebar in Mt Lawley. Pricey, but oh so tastey. Now, I didn’t take photos at the restaurant for 2 legitimate reasons. 1. it was just far too dark and I didn’t want the flash to potentially harm someone’s eyes. and 2. It was far too embarrassing to pull out my rather large SLR in the middle of the restaurant when you are in such close proximity you practically share conversation with you neighboring table. That aside it was soo lovely. But here are a few little snaps. And oooooh I was so spoilt with my pressies, I felt lame that Jordan’s was so little hehe.












Wearing: Sass and bide top, Supre tight singlet dress, Tony Bianco wedges, tights from somewhere, old school Mimco bag.

Presents: Mimco bracelet and headband, Peeptoe wedges :)


Dan xx


favourite things

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You know it’s funny. I always get confused with the spelling of favourite. I’m sure Australia spells it like that, however little Mr MacBook seems to think differently. Favorite or Favourite?

Aside from my confused spelling here are just a few of my, well, fav things at the moment…



1. fashion toast. I’m sure if you are remotely interested in fashion blogs you would by know about Rumi Neely. By far the most effortlessly cool blogger I’ve come across. I visit her page on a daily basis.

2. My sportsgirl wedges. I’m yet to really venture out in these babies, but I am so looking forward to the summer time when I can pair them with some little socks and a floral dress.

3. Nail polishes I currently love. From left to right: Dark Lady by Mecca; Real Deal by Kit; Celia by Mecca (a little more summery); Asphalt by CND (literally $2); Down Low by Kit.

4. Makeup products I currently love. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer; Nars lipstick in Funny Face; MAC Blot Powder in Deep Dark for perfect contouring; Stila eyeshadow in Kitten; MAC Fluidline gel liner in Blacktrack; Nars blush in Orgasm; MAC Studio finish concealer in NW20.


Have a great day enjoying your, favourite? things!

Dan xx



Food,  Life and Love

Had a great brunch today at Cantina (Mt Lawley) with my dear friend Monique.

And as if you didn’t already know, but she’s the woman behind Mon Is Me (sheer brilliance.)

So I didn’t bring in my camera to the cafe for some reason, but I did take some small rather terribly focused photos of the food on my iPhone. I did also resort to an attempt of self timer on my dash board – it sort of worked:) And again I didn’t take a photo of my outfit (partially because I didn’t have my photographer sister around) but I was wearing pink high waisted shorts. I seemed to think they were perfectly normal, but apparently people don’t wear black tights, stripey shirts and baby pink shorts. Well let’s say from all the looks I recieved today it had to be the abnormal presence of the pink. I think the two ladies who put down their coffee and did a complete 180 turn to point at me just as I looked up gave it away.

Anywhoo, Perth is far too safe. What is normal anyways?

Here are a few little cute snaps from the day.

Ohh and one last thing – the mushrooms (which I never usually indulge in) were rather delicious..







Dan xx