hello dolly



So at the shoot I did the other day, this was basically the makeup. I can’t wait to show you the actual photos, but in the mean time, these ridiculous photos of my baby sister are more than sufficient. I did a really gold eye, winged liner, pinky cheeks, perfect skin, and these exploding pink lips. kinda looks like she just ate an icey pole. i love it. haha.



She looks insanely gorgeous, it’s kind of silly. But anyways, I’m thinking about doing a video of a makeup, now that I’ve finally sussed all that video stuff out. I always ask questions and people never seem to answer. sad really. haha. but I’m going to ask another question. Would you like to see a video of this makeup look? Or a pin up look? Or a smokey eye? Or a day-time look? Let me know. (yes. i’ve said this before, but now it will work. yay)

Oh and another music video on youtube coming up.

Love you all. Thanks for all the support lately.

Dan x

op shop pt 2.

Outfits,  Spring


i looove this skirt. i found this gem at vinnie’s in claremont (along with the cut out top from 2 posts ago). it’s pretty much exactly what’s on trend right now, tho whole cropped almost maxi skirt and colour blocking thing going on, and was literally $4. i mean really? much like good sammy’s, vinnies carry out many community base activities helping those in society who struggle with under privileged lives. they put their faith in action and really try to act upon how much God loves us. it’s wonderful. so i’m always so happy to put my money in to such organisations. you know, i have so many different ideas of who owned this before me. they were however, clearly more modest, as the slit used to be pinned together. but you know me… more leg, more fun. (probably not a life motto, but definitely okay at selected times.)

so this is actually a look that i styled for a shoot i did the other day. the model, megan, was just wonderful to work with, not to mention gorgeous. i did a sort of sixties really colourful inspired makeup, curls, and fun coloured clothing. it looked gorgeous just in the white studio. so i look forward to sharing those photos with you soon (thanks to david broadway). plenty of fun styling went on. so along with the skirt i’m wearing a sportsgirl bustier thing, beefly suede wedges, and an allanah hill velvet bow headband. hectic. but cute. hope you continue to be inspired, you ;)

dan x

op shop pt 1.

Outfits,  Spring


wearing: vintage top, american apparel skirt, fendi shoes, nars funny face lipstick

love these photos regardless of the fact that we didn’t really feature the whole outfit too well (that’s what happens when you try to use a 50mm lens for everything). but the sun peering through the window on to the mirror was pretty gorgeous. these shoes i bought in paris from one of the vintage stores there. it was pretty amazing going through everything. i could have bought so much! but of course, money was an object. but seriously. i can’t wait to go back. i’ll be so prepared for it!

so i’ve decided to do a little bit of a series featuring a new item of clothing from the op shop each post. my last post had it, and i realised i have a few awesome things to show you, so i’ll do it all at once. i’ll show you some alterations i’ve made to them also. i find it so fun going in to the stores and having to search through everything to find those items that you just saw in vogue but for $4. or thinking how you can cut off the sleeves and take in the side or shorten it (in my case, mainly shorten haha). so i’ll share with you some of the process. hope it inspires you to get over the fear of wearing someone else’s clothing and get creative. and if that’s not incentive enough, buying from the op shop really is a charitable thing to do. good sammy’s (where i purchased this top) give opportunities for people with disabilities to be employed, and really help local communities and homeless people, so it’s a great place to put your money in to. fashion for society. i like it.

dan xx

cut out

Outfits,  Spring


went to the vinnie’s in claremont today, and it was one of the best op shopping experiences i’ve had in a while. honestly. it somehow smelt clean. and the ladies were so excited about us finding beautiful things in there. made me all more enthused to look around. only down fall, it’s such a small shop. anyway. had lots of fun and scored this awesome cut out shirt…


also wearing nudie jeans. wrist belt. and casadei heels.

these shoes are actually my mothers, but i know she bought them knowing i’d wear them a thousand times more than her. (good woman). they’re insane anyway. perfect colour and the heel is just so chunky. reminds me of the 70’s. sort of flared. we got them in florence. and if it weren’t for the hefty price we would have come home with many more from that gorgeous store. next time i’ll know where to put my moneys. oh and i hope you all enjoyed my youtube video. i’ve had pretty lovely response, so thank you all! however i’ve decided it’s a bit depressing. so it’s time i upload something that will make you feel good about living/music/anything. so watch this space for that update.

be blessed my dears.

dan x