parisien pin up preview

Styling,  Summer


last saturday i did a shoot with my good friend and makeup artist chantal, and my baby sister madeline. it was a bit different for me, as i’m used to being either photographed or doing the makeup. but i do love photography. a lot really. so i decided to be the photographer and stylist in this case. so here is just a sneak peek of the incredible shoot. it all went so well and i got some amazing shots. can’t wait to share with you all. but for now i just have to show you this child’s beauty. i mean really. she’s incredible and chan did an amazing job of hair and makeup. had so much fun this day.

dan xx

stripes and stripes

Outfits,  Summer


so this dress i got from pigeonhole the other day. it’s huge and sheet like. so i put the bustier from sportsgirl (that you’ve all seen before) over to create a little shape. i tried to make it work as a sack. but it was unfortunately far too much of a sack. the belts i joined at one and and doubled around my waist. i know i’m wearing stripes with navy and black, and weaved yellow and purple aren’t exactly the next thing that comes to mind, but i’m kind of really in to non matching colours and patterns lately. you see. i feel i have a lot of clothes. and a lot of them i find boring. i literally look at my wardrobe and want to keep about 5 things and throw the rest away to start again. perhaps in hope that i will be smart/cool/trendier in my picking this time. but generally when i pull each individual piece out, there is something kind of cute and likeable about each item. so my aim is to work on, well i guess you could call composition. although that’s not at all the technical term, i am just trying to arrange my clothes a little more randomly. attempt to layer and contrast my outfits a little more. we will see how we go. and how long i actually last at this. and the shoes are wittner. and once again don’t really adhere with any sort of styling brief. i guess they have stripes. although they are bazaarly coloured. mm. anyway. i’m going wild over a photoshoot i did with maddy. so i must show you that soon. love you all.

dan x


Outfits,  Summer


before we discuss what i’m wearing. can we just point out my little sister. i mean really. she is getting very cool at this whole photo thing. look at her being all clever and creating interesting depth and all. anyway. good job mad. so this shirt i got from lucky thirteen, like my last post. and again the whole one size fits all thing is actually relative to how large/small you are. however there were a few of these shirts and i think i’m totally going to make my own because it’s literally a mens xl shirt which they have cut off but left dangly bits at the front to tie, put a piece of elastic in it and rolled the sleeves. i’ll definitely show you how i do it. that is if i ever do. i’ll potentially just buy more. i must say i do like the collar. i love that is has the three buttons to hold it down. definitely cute.

so i got ready so rushed this morning (hence the lack of makeup) but i’d been thinking about putting this shirt over this dress for a while now, and thank god it worked. which brings me to this dress. i literally wear it every week. like when i don’t know what to wear i just throw on me old staple. appropriately the brand is actually, staple. and these new kid shoes are just one of the three pairs this family has, and of course, are worn down by excessive use and the over walked european streets. maybe thats secretly why i like to wear them. because they’ve been on my feet in rome. mm. anyway. not many of you heeded to my twitter call. but seriously. you should do it. then you can follow me on instagram. coz i’m good at updating that. much better than my blog haha. however. you may have noticed i’ve tried to make my blog a little cooler. and tomorrow i’m spending a whole day doing cool blog thing with my super techy smart cool friend. so hopefully we will do this thing. this cool thing. and make it cool.

so just wait and see what we can do.

dan x

for the love of charlie

Outfits,  Summer


so these photos were a little sporadic. you see. russell james this awesome celebrity photographer is having a little facebook photo competition. and the whole theme was love. and i guess maddy and i thought, well we love charlie (who doesn’t love that face), so we took a couple of snaps with me and the ball of fluff. i’m actually loving these photos too. the lighting and the discovery of the awesomeness of curves on photoshop i think has given some rather cute photos. so hopefully you like them too. this dress was $18. i know. really. from that lucky 13 place in the city that i have previous spoken about. mm. it was a long long time ago that i mentioned it. anyway. good store. only down fall is that everything is like ‘one-size-fits-all’. but it’s definitely a lie. from the front we are all happy and dandy, but when i turn around you start to question whether it is in fact a dress. then i lean ever so slightly forward and it really loses all credibility. so i may be in denial. i still think its a dress. i just add some little black denim short underneath. then there is then the issue of older women looking at you shocked for showing your black denim underwear. sweetheart. they’re shorts.

okay anyway it’s late and i could talk forever. follow me on instagram. it is pretty fun.
ciao bambinos.

dan x.