i did it. i actually made a makeup video and uploaded it.
this is a new day for me. and i feel like we all need to celebrate by going and watching it and telling me how awesome it is. yet how speedy and annoying the whole thing is haha. i’m no pro at editing videos. but that wasn’t the major issue. really the problem was that i just talk wayyyy too much. you can see it in the video, but i cut about half the footage and it’s all high speed. i feel as though my tiny written explanations are enough. and once i’d start talking about something i’d mention another and just get way off track. i should probably try and control that for future reference. the video is on my facebook, so to see it click here.

thanks homies xx

the opshopping continues

Outfits,  Summer


this little stripey sack i picked up for about $8 from the op shop in claremont. to be honest i was a bit hesitant at first. you know the whole shapelessness kind of freaked me out. but i hemmed it short enough that it was okay. as if i wouldn’t have made it short anyway. in the end i’m super happy with it. this necklace is ollld school mimco. and the shoes are 2 baia vista on sale at zomp. $45 yo. p.s. i lightened the ends of my hair a little more. don’t know if you can tell. but what do you think. go even lighter? or should i just forget about balayage. or ombre. whatever its called. coz it was like so yesterday?
i don’t know. help me.

dan xx



so monday i had a lot of fun.

after getting lost. more than once. i headed to york with an amazing team for a photo shoot. my official title was makeup artist and hair stylist. that always freaks me a little. the whole hair thing. but i certainly try. my good friend lance (who i’ve shared with you all before) asked me to head down with another friend of mine tanielle, styling, and couple of gorgeous models (and their supportive fam) for an epic shoot. we spent time in a building still standing from 1830. moved to a old school candy store. and finally a piano graveyard.. yah. i know. fricken cool. so here are just some behind the scene type shots. can’t wait to show you when they’re done. yay.

1b 2b 3b 4b 5b 6b 7b


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he deserves your attention.

oh and new post soon.

dan xx