greaser in knit

Outfits,  Spring


jacket: Amber and Thomas
tshirt: Antipodium (blue version here)
jeans: Claude Maus
belt: Peter Lang
boots: Beau Coops (find them here)
bag: Lolla Palooza
neckalce: Poppy Lissiman


these boots were a little purchase i made while out with Dave the other day. i find it so hard to resist a sale. but I’d been saving so i felt like i deserved it. although i was saving for something far more significant than a pair of boots. then again, a great pair of boots can become a huge part of your life. so at the end of the day it was worth it. i think i need to do a little post on things that i am wanting right now, and that includes a few pairs of boots. i still feel like i’m searching for that perfect shoe. you need the right flat shoe, the right heel, the right boot, and the right lace up shoe. and i’m still on the quest, you know. maybe it’s never ending. in fact i hope it’s never ending, as it validates consistent shoe shopping for the rest of your life. so here’s to never finding ‘the one’. may we shop forever and find momentary happiness in these beautiful things. such as tshirts that don’t quite fit the mould, like this knitted thing. and jewellery made from coins. and high waisted jeans.

dan x


city print

Food,  Mi Casa,  Outfits,  Winter


trench coat: FCUK
jacket: Ecrin Archives (singapore)
tshirt: Merry Pn (from poppy lissiman)
jeans: Ksubi (find them here)
necklace: Diva
shoes: Converse (forever cool)
bag: Lollapalooza (almost impossible to find her online)


hi. so there was a great part of my friday. i went to the city and caught up with my friend dave, and we ate great food and took photos as the day turned goregously sunny. firstly was sushi at aisuru in northbridge. i love firstly how black and white the space is, but also how they include trendy new flavours in to the sushi that make it a crafty blend of modern and traditional jap. this was followed by some photos in alleyways and other curious spaces (thank you, david). and finished with some chai and cookie at venn. a place i’d heard of but never been to. it’s a crazy hybrid empire of homewares, food, drink and art, which really impressed me. above you can see me instagramming a photo. something i seem to be brilliant at. instagram. if you’re interested, my user name is simply danielleosullivan. i’m pretty darn good at updating that thing.
so i’ve realised that many things i put on my blog tend to be ‘blog outfits’ where i don’t include my absolute every day wear items. so here’s a little taste of how i tend to look most days. i could live in jeans and converses. and fun tshirts are just fun. also i’m trying out a new way of telling you what i’m wearing. instead of including it in my word jungle i will make it loud and clear at the top. also will include links to these various garments wherever i can.

dan xx

mexican tent shirt

Autumn,  Outfits,  Winter


top: Gorman
pants: Miss Shop
boots: Paris somewhere

so a fair while ago now my mamma bought this top from gorman for a mexican party. i however thought it was groovy, definitely festive, but worthy of casual every day wear. its tent like shape allows for great airflow. and the colours will certainly draw attention to yourself. the pattern is almost like aboriginal art in the way that it has spots and lines and trees. i dono. i’m no aboriginal art expert, but i’d say this shirt is the perfect hybrid of australian heritage, mexican fiestas, and a bed sheet. mix that with a pair of khaki jeans rolled at the ankles and a pair of overused boots that you will not stop wearing because they remind you of paris, and you’re in for a great day.
so on another note, chictopia (the web destination for a feed of fashion bloggers) have recently put a photo of me on their facebook page from my previous post. and i’d just like to tell you that it has 4,954 likes. i mean. what. if i could put numbers in capitols letters i would have. just know that i shouted that at you because i’m excited. seriously. if you’ve been one of those people, thank you. it has made my life a little better. i must say though, i did lol at some of the comments with people declaring me their new style idol. i mean that’s just hilar, as i more than anoyone am on this ‘cool quest’. so know that my laughter was only at myself and not at your appreciation for my outfit. i must have done something right to have nearly 5,000 likes… i’m going to stop talking about this now. i don’t want to lose my cool factor by having written a whole paragraph on how popular my photo was…yeah.

so thanks. you’re all amazing and way cooler than me!

dan xx

in front of a blue door

Outfits,  Winter


top: Gift from Asia
skirt: Topshop
jacket: Another mysterious asian creation
wedges: Tony Bianco
clutch: Jimmy Choo


friends. hello again. and look at my hat. i love my hat. thank you to dear aunty ricci, uncle mal, and michelle for giving me this hat along with many adorable things on my birthday. thank you also to nona (noni) for giving me this polka dot t-shirt that is ever so spotty and cute. the jacket i got from this little shop in sydney. can’t remember the name, but like many things i own, i like it. the skirt is topshop, and i cut off some super thick stockings that i had to create these sock things. they work great because they’re tight and you can easily adjust the height. you could also be super cool like me, and let them sit at different heights for that i-don’t-care-what-i-look-like-but-i-do kind of look.
and so the main event. my electric blue metallic scrunchy type jimmy choo clutch. scored this baby in singapore with my family. it seemed the only shopping in singapore was designer, or really not designer. if you know what i mean. it was $1000 or $10. and i had no idea where to go in between. but fortunately many of these luxury brands, like mister choo, were having sales to reach the kind of people like myself. that save up much money to spend and then justify every expensive purchase with a. it being on sale (50% in this instance), and b. being so certain that you can’t buy anything like this in baby perth town. so this is how we have blue choo in my arms. i love him, and i think he makes a perfect addition to really any outfit. i’m confident you would agree.

dan xx