gymy choo

Outfits,  Summer

these shoes maddy scored on sale in singapore for her dance, and well, they’re pretty fantastic. also loving the colour of these shorts and how they kind of look like gym pants.

t.shirt: American Apparel (courtesy of dad’s wardrobe)
shorts: Rummage
shoes: Jimmy Choo
bag: Pigeonhole
glasses: Colab
necklace: Poppy Lissiman

yesterday bella and i visited the city. we went to that cool new bit called brookfield place. it’s pretty cool and new. some awesome cafes/bars/restaurants. and i definitely didn’t feel like i was in perth anymore. so well done perth city. well done. you’re crawling out of your shell. while in the city we went to rummage in northbridge. and to be honest after walking for about 10 minutes in 27 degress and boots i was actually, kind of, over heating. i know. it’s pathetic, but i really need to start conditioning myself for this warmer weather. don’t let my fake tan fool you. the sun and i aren’t exactly pals. anyway. this is probably the thousandth time i’ve mentioned the fairness of my skin on the this blog. it’s not like i have an issue with it or anything… by the way. how cool is my dad that i can wear his clothes. i think i’m going to do a feature on my dad soon. just coz he definitely dresses like a 52 year old man should. in fact. he dresses kind of like a 22 year old ‘man’ should. next post: what i’m wearing to my gig at the ellington tonight. should be a little fancy ;)

dan xx

dressed to kill

Outfits,  Spring

bought this shirt in singapore and came home to soon realise that i was, in fact, on the trend money with givenchy’s line of t.shirts and jumpers displaying various vicious animal heads.


jacket: Topshop
t.shirt: some store on Haji Lane
shorts: Vintage
shoes: Converse
bag: Pigeonhole

i will assume given you’re on this site that you do enjoy the occasional fashion blog, and if you follow anyone like the blonde saladjak and jiltuula etc, you will notice quite a presence of givenchy’s rather confrontingly (not a real word) frightening prints, or kenzo’s colourful african take on the wild animal. or perhaps you’ve seen kanye or liv displaying their givenchy roar. well, i’m a fan of the trend. i sort of did it by accident, in which case i may at some stage actually delve a little deeper and get myself a shirt of the kind. but the truth is, until i start earning proper money i won’t be buying any proper clothing, and certainly not of the givenchy persuasion. but one day. yes. one day. i’m also attempting a trend that probably a year or so ago i would have confessed was a sin. double denim. but i actually sort of love it. i dono. maybe i didn’t nail it this time around, but i certainly tried. and i really need some new shoes. i mean how many times will i wear my converses. actually. probably forever. but i at least need another option. you see i was going shopping this day, and i am always stumped when it comes to footwear for shopping. it’s like you want to look good, but you also want to walk at a good enough pace and maintain balance. you know? so. first step. money. second step. shoes. i’d say life tends to run in somewhat of a similar order. perhaps add food and we have satisfaction.

dan xx

like a true hippie.

Outfits,  Spring

in fremantle. wearing mainly vintage. and a jacket that may as well be vintage by now.


jacket: Wayne Cooper (from years ago!)
top: Retro Safari
shorts: Vintage and probably need new ones now
shoes: Zomp (awesome sandals just come in)
belt: Tribu (a little old now)
glasses: Colab

so i’m loving the mix of the plaid and the paisley. the colours actually work together great, but regardless, two patterns are always better than one. right. so the other day i ventured over to fremantle with my partener in food and photo crime (on certain occasions) dave. we ate lunch at the raw kitchen, and oh ma godd. holy smokers. i don’t even know how to tell you how my mind is blown by that place. no gluten. no diary. no meat. and nothing is cooked. we ate pizza and nachos. it’s so delish and the salads are full of colourful juicy flavour. so this place is highly recommended, and probably a vegan dream. we carried on to moore & moore. which i’m sure any fremantle cafe goers will know and love. but mainly due to it’s attachment to an art gallery and it’s quirky interior. it’s the kind of cafe that makes you feel cool. like you can pretend you’re a new yorker. just minus a few billion people. the weather was really on and off with the sun. and regardless of my melanin deficiency, i am actually looking forward to those full days of sun when you spend the entire day doing, well, nothing.

to summer’s approach.

dan xx

isabel marant willow

Outfits,  Spring


tshirt: Peter Alexander (mm it’s a pyjama top)
dress: Cameo
belt: Alannah Hill
shoes: Nike (from years ago)

thought I’d dress down this dress by putting a tshirt under it. kind of makes the old sneakers a little less random. got the dress on sale from zara bryson which makes me love it that much more. on the link above you should see it has this bizarre exposed tie thing which i chose to cover with a belt. sort of like it better this way. plus i had major issues with actually tying the thing in any sort of way that actually looked normal. i also got my hair cut again. my intention was to get it a little lighter, then a trim. yeah. officially never getting my hair cut at the hairdressers again. i’ll leave it to mamma. she took about 2 inches off, which is a lot when you’re trying to grow it. i don’t know. sometimes i love it, sometimes i hate it. no. actually that’s a lie. i never haaate it, but certainly long for my old locks. that’s enough about hair. back on to the shoe topic. so these sneakers here are whats circling the fashion world at the mo. well they’re probably beginning to circle out but i have a major love hate relationship with them. there’s something elephant like about them. but somehow cool. like that great blend of dressy and casual. some cheaper versions like this and this also appeal to me. i just don’t know. what do you think?
perhaps our next meeting will be in 2.5 inch comfort.

dan xx