wedding shoot. khen c

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So the photos are finally finished from the bridal test shoot that I showed you. They have come out quite gorgeous, and my little sister is growing in to a star. I tell you. Stunning. Here’s one of my favourite photos. I was the ‘stylist’ from the shoot, and had a lot of fun. Check out the rest of the photos on Khen’s photography page here.

dan xx

sass and bide

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dress: Sass and Bide
wedges: Beefly
belt: Scanlan and Theodore
necklace: Diva


i wore this dress to my gig the other night. i actually let my hair down and changed my shoes. but that’s not the point. on any other gigging occasion that i feel requires extra height, these are the shoes i wear. seriously i wear them a lot. this dress a got a while ago from sass and bide. and by a while i mean a year ago. and i think this is the third time i’ve worn it. mainly due to it’s inconvenient skirt length. it has a little frill thing that goes over the shoulder which is pretty cute. yet for some reason i just decided to show you without it. mm. i do silly things sometimes. anyway i’ve meaning to show you for, well, a year now. so here it is. ooh. and i went to take some photos today in this beautiful skirt that i recently bought for my sister but she didn’t like it so i inherited it right back, but, then my camera was being very very rude. it just didn’t work for me. so i’ll have to get that checked out tomorrow. because honestly. you need to see how cute i look in this skirt :)

dan x

animal print

Autumn,  DanDressedMe,  Outfits,  Summer


dress: Mink Pink
singlet: Lucky 13
boots: Somewhere in Paris


ah the mullet dress. it’s a trend that’s gone mildly crazy. and i must say i do actually enjoy it. this is a minkpink dress. i just tied this ridiculous singlet top thing over it. the giraffe is hilarious i must say. i love it. it’s also from that lucky thirteen store in the city. i’d say it cost me $13. and the boots are the same ones i got from paris. now i’m not sure if you can see too well, but the rings i’m wearing i made from chains. literally unlinked and then relinked a few pieces of chain. thinking i might get some finer stuff and make a few little ones to bunch together. but it’s a super cute idea. (same idea as the chain necklace from 2 posts ago.) so i want to do something to my hair. coz it’s boring and the blondiness is making it a little drier than i prefer. i just don’t know what to do. i think you’ll find i’ll head back to my comfort zone and just darken/richen the whole thing. leave it long and brown. that’s what i do.

in other news i’m a little sad as i’m getting braces in a couple of weeks. the day after my 20th birthday to be precise. yet also happy as i’m off to sydney in june/july to attend hillsong, and hang with my great friends. one of which will be rachel, attending from ireland. woo. so look forward to actually buying some clothes and having some fun stuff to show you ;)

dan x


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dress: Salasai
shoes: Lavish
bangles: Dinosaur Design


this little number was an impulse buy the other day. well, however impulsive, it was completely necessary. you see i arrived at uni wearing that vintage dress that belongs to my sister’s boyfriend’s mum (which i’ve shown you twice in my life) and as i was sitting down, the strap broke. the most ridiculous thing was that i was mid conversation and by no means engaged in any sort of vigorous movement. merely picking up my bag, and there she went. noww i was just about to go on stage for a mini concert we had. rather than travel home to change i decided to roll down the road and use this inconvenience to my advantage – buy a new dress. so here we are, a few dollars too many later, and i have myself some pretty new polka-dots to prance around in for the camera. it is definitely the longest dress i’ve ever worn to uni, so go me. realising that it’s okay for me to show only the lower half of my leg. people won’t think i’m completely midget. in fact. i’m the same height no matter what the length of my skirt/shorts. perhaps my short-things-elude-to-longer-legs theory is beginning to fail.

and there we go. i’ve yet again managed to discuss nothing is such detail. the dress is by salasai, and i purchased it at brave new world in northbridge. such a cute shop. i need to head in there more. that is, when there are sales.. okay. sorry the photos aren’t too thrilling, but you get the general classiness of this flowing number. that’s all for now,

dan x