seasonal confusion

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this day was honestly the most perfect weather. it was kind of silly. aaaand it’s winter! maddy and dave were getting a little snap happy by the pretty walls of the cottesloe civic centre and the noodly clouds!


top: Seed (stripey)
jumper: Factory
jeans: Nudie (DIY rips)
boots: Morrison (mum’s closet)


this is pretty much my staple outfit this time of year. boots, jeans, and a rotation of jumpers. these jeans i bought years ago and just wasn’t wearing them, mostly because they were too faded at the knees. so i gave them a little makeover, to look even more worn. i’m a huge fan of distressed denim. i’ve actually been on the look out for a pair of light, faded, ripped boyfriend style jeans, yet the task would seem impossible. i don’t know whether my butt is just too big, but seriously, i can’t find a pair that fit me well. i basically want to look like this. i’ve seen a few online here and here, but kind of not really. but i get a bit nervous with those specific fitting kind of online purchases. perhaps i’ll just wait till new york. in my mind, new york will have every piece of clothing i’ve ever wanted at my desired price and the perfect fit. unrealistic? maybe. but seriously, my expectations are high.

by the way, welcome to caboodle street. isn’t it cute, and far more visually attractive! check out my other sections. there will be lots of makeup posts coming on dan dressed me. lots of music reviews and previews of my own stuff in the studio. and plenty of food and family photos at the casa! yay!

speak to you soon.

dan xx

engagement party

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i really wanted to share with you some photos from Penny and Sven’s engagement party. it was a really fun night, but most importantly, the flowers were out of control, like, so beautiful. and aunty fil’s cake was also to die for.


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aren’t flowers ridiculous? it makes me extremely happy to think that such beautiful things grow in my backyard.
also pictured above is me and my sisters and our pretty mamma; jordan and i; and penny and sven.

dan xx



leather and print

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recently bought myself one of those tran-seasonal dresses. and, well i like it.


dress: Poppy Lissiman
coat: Ruby Sees All
boots: Topshop (alternatives here or here)
necklace: Sportsgirl


this dress when not on actually looks like a big rectangle with these large triangles attatched to each side. kind of like a rocket. then you wrap the launch pad triangles and wrap them up, and ta-da. you have a super cute fited dress. i think the idea is groovy, as well as the pattern. the dress is totally adaptable to each season so i’m pretty pleased with the purchase. also, it would seem that i am not in new york. i am still here in perth. the trip has been delayed for anyone wondering. official departure date is dec 26th. i’m going to da snowwww. i’m excited. also excited about my new blog. its nearly done! working away as we speak.

dan xx

last day of autumn

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this last day of autumn was as though winter wanted to tell us it was really here. good thing i had my new scanlan and theodore jumper to keep me warm!

pants: American Apparel
shirt: Vintage Country Road
jumper: Scanlan and Theodore
scarf: D-lux
boots: Soles

honestly. today was freezata! the loveliest thing (also most regretful) was visiting Rochelle Adonis for high tea. me mamma and me sister and i ventured through the ice only to find shelter in the cutest marble table-topped, sweet-filled, and tea-warmed room. it was pretty delicious. but as usual i over indulged to the point where i could no longer enjoy the food. still, it was a really nice experience and i will probably go back. now. on to the really great thing about today. it was, once again, wearing my pea soup / army green slightly mulleted jumper from scanlan. i have been mildly obsessed with scanlan lately, and it really has been detrimental to my savings. but really, when you have genuine love for a piece of clothing, cost shouldn’t get in the way. ha. i wish that’s how it worked.

dan xx