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here are some photos i took of my sister a while ago to build my makeup folio and her modelling folio. it was a lot of fun, but almost impossible to make her flawless skin look bad. so you could say it was easy. nonetheless, i think the makeup is pretty snazzy…





if you’re in need of a makeup artist / photographer / stylist, i’m your girl.

dan xx

asos lace

Autumn,  Outfits

i’ve recently had to slow down on my asos addiction. but this shirt is just one of the many (black) items i have purchased one sale!

blouse: asos
dress: vintage

boots: soles future told
necklace: asos

so. asos. i’ve been like a crazy person scrolling through their site almost every night. not necessarily purchasing, but just being annoying. like putting things in my basket and taking out the things that i don’t really need until it becomes empty again and i restart my search. i feel like every time i get asked where i got this new item, my answer is asos. yet it only applies to black. honestly. i have bought SO many black things. it’s kind of sad. it’s also sad that i have even been spending, seeing as i am off to new york in just under two months. it’s like two months seems like so much time, but i know it will disappear. i need to get on the dont-buy-food band wagon and seriously save. but is it a problem that i feel like i can socialise unless it’s over some sort of mutual meal? anyway, how did i manage to get back on the topic of eating? goodness. in my new blog i must post about delicious things that i have been eating. and speaking of the new blog, it is getting there. it’s going to be a whole new world of awesome things, and hopefully in somewhat of an organised, easy to navigate, but super cool looking site. i tell you, the more talk about this new blog the more work i have to do to actually make it half of how i am describing to you! have fun pretend online shopping.

dan xx

birthday louis.

Autumn,  Outfits

i have been the world’s luckiest 21 year old this year. amazing gifts. but the best of all, my sister’s engagement the morning after my birthday. will tell you more…

top: vintage
pants: big w (don’t judge)
shoes: scanlan and theodore
bag: louis vuitton 
cuff: balenciaga 
necklace: lovisa

so in my absence, i have had a 21st birthday party which resulted in a great night with friends, much money for my NYC endeavours, a louis vuitton with my initials monogrammed into the strap, scanlan and theodore silver platforms, a plummy zimmerman jumpsuit, and a balenciaga cuff. um. did i mention i was the luckiest 21 year old in the world? i’ll show you a photo of the night where i will display to you the amazingness that is my silver shoes, and my jumpsuit! and i must say, i faired the night well considering i had nightmares about looking like i was sporting a grill in my photos. and by that i mean, the ridiculousness of my braces, which now have gold hooks either side. i was afraid of them being too ‘bling-y’, if that’s even a way to describe orthodontic accessories. anyway, the night was a great success! and to top it all off, my sister got engaged! you must understand that her and her boyfriend  fiance have been dating for over 7 years, so let’s say i was more than waiting for it to happen. i think i was more emotional than she was. not really. but honestly, i was bad. when she walked up to me that morning and said hello with a cheeky grin, i thought she was just happy about how much cleaning up we had left to do from the party. but no, oh no. she quickly pulled her hand out in front of my face to show off her ring, to which i responded by quietly screaming, jumping up and down and then throwing my face in my hands as i burst in to tears. looking back it was pretty dramatic. but honestly, i couldn’t be left alone that day without wanting to cry with sheer joy. i know. lame. but seriously, it made my weekend one of the most memorable weekends of my life. those of you who’d like further detail in to the accounts of me finding out about the engagement, and a 1000 word essay on my euphoric feelings on the matter, please, leave a comment. lol. jokes. but really i could. lots of love and wedding planning.

dan xx

beauty obsessions


i’ve been getting some questions in regards to makeup and brands that i use. so here are a few of my favourite products. my obsessions do sway, but this is currently where im at.

1. This Works. Clean Skin 5-in-1 Water.
it removes makeup really easy, but doesn’t leave any residue on the face. being water based it’s fresh and infused with natural flowers to tone also. win-win!

2. Chantecaille. Faux Cils Mascara.
it’s such a luxurious mascara. i wear it every day mostly because it makes my lashes long and even, but also mostly because it smells like roses and is GENTLE on your eyes!

3. NARS. Copacabana Multiple.
i use this on my cheekbones underneath foundation, and then press it in over the top too. it adds such a beautiful glow, even when you’re not wearing foundation.

4. Stila. Stay all day Liquid Liner.
the. best. liquid. liner. i. have. ever. used. nuff said.

5. Mecca. Cobalt Blue Nail Polish.
such a fun colour and it’s really opaque which means you don’t have to layer it to get the effect.

6. Eve Lom. TLC Cream.
i wear this as a night cream. my skin is pretty normal but definitely tends to get dry so this super thick hydrating magic is so delicious for my skin to sleep in.

7. NARS. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ‘Damned’.
love the colour of this. it’s a little less plum and little more wine. and the texture of these lip pencils is creamy to apply, but they dry to your lips and last quite a while.

8. Talika. Lipocils Expert Lash Growth Serum.
honestly, this stuff works. i was born with long enough lashes already, but using this has made them conditioned and really just even. it curls your lashes too which means you don’t have to wear as much mascara to make your lashes long. i swear by this. you probably won’t notice anything for a couple of weeks, but after about a month you’ll be obsessed too.

9. Stila. Illuminating HD Beauty Balm.
it lives up to what it says. i wear this as a primer for full foundation, or alone as foundation. also use it to highlight my cheek bones or hydrate under my eyes. it’s such a good product and looks incredible by itself or to compliment other products. for those of you who like a glow-y finish, you need this.

dan xx