summer sneaker

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something a little casual for those warm, relaxed, dirty hair type days.

singlet: Agent Ninetynine
shorts: Oh Henry!
shoes: somewhere in Paris

this is a pretty typical outfit for me in the warmer weather. and lately i’ve been thinking about sneakers a lot. i find that they just somehow have the power to make any outfit look complete and that little bit more cool than just a sandal or thongs (flip-flops) would do. mum bought these from somewhere in paris on our trip 2 years ago and i only just remembered they existed. i love it when that happens. you buy something and wear it and love it, then forget about for a prolonged period of time, and in some event (usually cleaning out cupboards) you find them again. it’s like getting new clothing. yet more like an old love. rekindling a flame. it’s kind of special and romantic. well, as romantic as inanimate objects can be. if at all.

speaking of an old love. new york. yes. new york. and when i say old love i am referring not to the fact that we have held each other in one another’s arms, but the fact that i have dreamt of the moment that we would embrace for years now, which by my standards makes me pretty much in love. and the time has finally come for this union to become a reality. and in the best way possible too – with my best friend. i’m literally freaking out every time i think about it. there is this part of me that is nervous to go because it won’t be like a movie or like any of the dreams that i’ve conjured during countless sleeps (not to mention all the day dreams). but it will. and i repeat, will. be incredible! i’m utterly excited and additionally nervous as to how i am going to save enough money to buy myself a pair of manolo blahnik’s. okay maybe not manolo’s. i’m no carrie bradshaw. but i think i can sacrifice a couple of meals for a bit of fashion food. then again, this vego thing hasn’t been exactly swimming…

to equal amounts of fashion and food.

dan xx

cross my leather heart. again.

Outfits,  Summer

so here are the rest of the photos. maddy and i were quite the hilarious park-goers on this day, running and jumping from various things.

tshirt: gorman
skirt: asos
necklace: lovisa
shoes: converse
lipstick : nars ‘dragon girl’

i got this leather skirt while asos was having a leather promotion. which also meant i bought a pair of shoes a jacket a belt and a dress. i find it hard to resist a good deal. especially those petrol station ones. i mean why buy one bar of chocolate when you can get two and cut costs. it’s a no brainer. anyway. on the topic of chocolate, that is something i’m not eating for a little while. i am noticing myself thinking about food at all hours of the day, and i think it has to do with my sudden realisation that i no longer am studying anything and i am at home more than usual. therefore i am nearer to the kitchen and susceptible to it’s undeniable availability. so. in order to bring me back to the old dani, the one who didn’t check the pantry obsessively in hope to find a mysterious item that was not there five minutes ago, i am being a vegetarian for a week. so it’s day 1 and i’m blogging in my otherwise eating time. i feel like this could be a great thing for all of us. but please, tell me i’m not alone in this?
another post is under construction so i shall see you soon.

dan x

big kitty

Outfits,  Summer

tshirt / dress: Sportsgirl
sandals: 2 Baia Vista
bag: Lolla Palooza

been wanting a tshirt dress thing for a while. and this literally is a tshirt made dress. i just bough an xl to accommodate for enough derrière covering. but to be safe i am wearing bike shorts underneath. anyway i love the big leopard head. this is definitely more givenchy inspired than my last big kitty top. now. these sandals. i have been looking for a pair of nude-ish coloured sandals for quite some time. so as you do when there is a sale, i compulsively visited zomp in hope that i might actually find something in my size in the many rows of shoes. and as usual the shoes i ended up liking were not on sale. anyway. i’m happy with the purchase. actually. i liked so many of the 2 baia vista sandals. check them out on the link above. oh and look my hair is growing! exciting! even though i’m not sure how long i will let it get to. i’m still bipolar on the topic of my hair. love and hate. but i think mostly love right now. i just want my braces off so i can better judge how old my haircut actually makes me look. as i took my little sister ball dress shopping, all the saleswomen directed their questions to me and then were taken back when they realised i was not in fact going to a school ball. i had mine four. years. ago. let’s just hope this means when i’m 35 i’ll look 31. well, to looking 17.

dan x