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Dinner Parties

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dinner parties. dinner parties. dinner parties.

dinner. dinner. dinner.

parties. parties. parties.

it’s all so exciting. for me, a good dinner party beats any night out on the town. there’s something that goes in to the preparation and being in the comfort of your own home that is just so lovely. don’t get me wrong, i love to go out for a great meal with great service and great company, but when you’re planning and preparing it all yourself, there’s a certain level of expectation. if you go a restaurant and they disappoint, you just don’t go back. but when it’s your home, you want people to return again and again. i don’t know, maybe i’ve put more thought in to this than the average person (probably.) i think i’ll put it down to my italian background, love for all things cute and weirdly obsessive compulsive tendencies? yeah. that pretty much sums it up.

so, i thought i would share my number one favourite aspect of these dinner parties (i really don’t have that many despite my overly positive vernacular.) i just love to set the dining table. create a whole atmosphere in the room. there is something about entering a space that you have been in before, but seeing it in a new light. the dim light and music playing, with oodles of candles and most likely a floral arrangement. it’s not just your ordinary dining room or backyard, it’s whatever you want it to be! yay! if the table that usually sits there doesn’t look quite right – move it! if you need to bring your couches outside – do it! it will honestly create a great atmosphere. so let’s say you can’t fit all the food on the table, a common occurrence in this household, why not lay it all out on another little table rather than cram everything in between your table setting?

i also think it’s nice to mesh the theme of the food with the theme of the room! the whole package usually gets people pretty excited! i like to come up with a name (don’t judge me), but something like ‘mediterranean nights’ or ‘the cabin’ or something else even more ridiculous. it generally helps to set a vibe for the night and gets people excited! it’s so nice to be excited about dinner! (the main source of my excitement probably) so, without confessing much more of my pedantic ways, let me share with you a few pictures of some fun food sharing moments that i have had in my life, and how i have loved to prepare every detail with my family!


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and many photos to come!
hope this inspires you to do a little extra next dinner party!

dan xx