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hello from the music side of the world (blog)!

i just wanted to share with you guys a little something that has been happening with my new band ZOLA. a few months ago now, i was asked to join this groovy new christian band. it’s been such a good time getting to play music together and to work on the recording of ZOLA’s debut EP. i wanted to let you know where you can listen/purchase and enjoy some new music. this is the website:

it’s always interesting being a part of a new band. it’s funny how dynamics can change, and personalities and come through or be withdrawn. at the moment captain chris is at the forefront of writing the tunes, and we basically jam them out to a point we feel they could be recorded and played live. but it’s still so fresh and new for me (especially considering i have been away over a month! yikes!) and i am excited to let you know how our writing process is going and what new music we have coming up! anyway, enjoy and please let me know what you think!

dan xx


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dress: Silence + Noise
belt: Clover
shoes: Converse
bag: Miu Miu 


well hello there!

it has been quite some time since my last post. i have been galavanting around on holiday. there are so many great things that i have seen on my travels and places and people that i experienced. new york was just plain cool. (also literally.) i’ve never had to dress for -11 degrees before. and for a perth-livin gal like me, winter coats aren’t something we tend to stock up on. so let me guide you through a day of getting dressed… you would need some sort of long sleeve top for extra insulation under your blouse, then a jumper over the top with a potential jacket, and once you had decided you looked cute in whatever combination you could make out of your already worn clothing, you put the same coat /scarf / beanie combo over the top every day, and therefore looked the same as you did the past 2 weeks! it was definitely an experience. one that i’d like to have again! i will do a whole post on my trip soon with picos and everything.

this dress i got from the urban outfitters store. it wasn’t on sale when i bought it, but it is now on the website. cool hey. love it when they happens. anyway it’s a plus for any of you lovely folk hoping to purchase. i love the shoestring strap back, and obviously, the leopard. i think it’s groovy how versatile this kind of dress is. if i were wearing heels it would suddenly become a more slinky night time extravaganza, but i like the cool dude vibe it gives with the converse. add a little zebra striped belt and a brand new miu miu bag and you’re pretty much ready to go anywhere. but seriously. how awesome is my new bag. (on sale. soho.)

i’ll be posting pics of all my purchases soon. yay! i love them!

dan xx

foodstagram – ep 2

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yo yo yo wassup. long time no speak. crazy what’s happened since october. wait. what. october you say? that’s right.. october. my bad. doing exams and graduating from high school understandably is time consuming, but holiday season should be no excuse for the absence, (considering I’ve been plonked on my bed, all day everyday doing nothing but flipping through the instagram-tumblr-facebook-twitter-pinterest cycle of life. terrible, I know) but well, that’s exactly my excuse. literally been holidaying from all aspects of my life except social media and the occasional shift at work or dip in the pool. dani however is literally on holiday, and frolicking around disney world as we speak. but lets not dwell on that magical thought for too long, we may get jealous.

as the title suggests, it’s foodstagram time! and it’s making me hungry..

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eating time.

maddy xx