a denim dress

Outfits,  Summer

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dress: A Brand
t-shirt: Zara
watch: Marc Jacobs
shoes: Converse


Denim is a weird thing. It can be seriously cool, or seriously not. I think first things first – find the right cut (anything ill fitting is already a disaster) then find the right colour. I prefer denim that doesn’t have a wash of any other colour through it – so a true blue or a black and then faded from there if need be. Also rips are just an easy way to make something a little cooler. I have been loving the t-shrit under dress kind of vibe, it makes the dress that bit more casual, and looks super cute which is always a win. I think a denim shift dress might just become a new staple in my wardrobe. Nice and short, but super loose around the waist so I can eat a lot and not be concerned about holding myself in – which we all know is my main priority – can I eat in this?

Another fun post coming soon.

Dan xx

melbourne blossom

Outfits,  Spring

A few weeks ago now while on tour with Meg, I was exploring Melbourne and took photos with the lovely Metaxia of Burnished and Bound. She is a wonderfully talented photographer, and we just had some super quick fun down an alley way and in front of someone’s house!


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jacket: Uniqlo
shirt: Uniqlo
jeans: Sportsgirl
boots: Cristian G
lipstick: NARS ‘Rosebud’ lipliner

So I am currently in London and posting about Melbourne. I’ve been so blessed this year with the opportunity to travel more than I ever have before. Working with Meg has been a real pleasure, and her unreal talent inspires me like crazy! Her and half the band live in Melbourne which means I’ve been spending a whole heap of time there, and my heart is quickly growing fond of the city! I hadn’t been to Uniqlo before, and it was a total winner. I went with the intention to find an oversized linen shirt which was the easiest thing ever to find – they have an entire section dedicated to linen. But the army print bomber was totally spontaneous. It’s normally those kinds of purchases that I love the most – and I do love it. Bombers are totally bomb right now and I’m digging this trend! Looking forward to wearing this in Summer at home with a simple black dress and some fat sandals or sneakers.

Speaking of sneakers, today I went to multiple sneaker shops and I tried on a bunch of Adidas. I’m just struggling. I can’t seem to find a pair that suit me, and most of the ones I liked were mens and didn’t come in my size! Every second person in London is wearing some trendy sneakers, vintage jeans and a rad oversized coat and well, they’re starting to annoy me with their effortless cool that I for some reason can’t replicate. So I have 1 day left here and I’m going to try on every pair of sneakers I see! If that mission fails, at least I will be returning home with some rad vintage denim from Camden Markets. Hoping to show you my purchases soon! Follow us on instagram if you want to see what fun we have been getting up to and who we have been making pretty!

Dan xx

one season to the next

Outfits,  Spring,  Winter

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Jacket: Boohoo
Jumper: Boohoo
Jeans: Boohoo
Boots: Boohoo
Lipstick: NARS – Cruella

Jacket: Boohoo
Shirt: Boohoo
Jeans: Rag & Bone
Boots: Cristian G
Glasses: Zero UV


The last of the cold weather has nearly gone, but jeans and jumpers and boots are just the best kind of things! I’m loving this kind of cropped jumper with the strong rib to the knit and in the tan colour. It’s so nice to move away from black and grey sometimes! These rain-coat type jackets are totally the bomb for when you need a little protection from the wind, but don’t want to wear anything heavy. They’re also great for when you are wearing an awesome outfit, but you know you’re going to need some shelter from the rain or an extra layer for that small outside walk to the venue, but you don’t want to necessarily make it part of your thing. Because let’s face it, it sucks when you put together a sick outfit, but then you never really get to show it because you have to keep your big heavy jacket on!

We got a whole bunch of these pieces from Boohoo, which is so awesome for when you want to try a new style or something a little trendier than you would usually wear, but you don’t want to spend a million dollars on it. My whole outfit was under $125! Unreal! Thanks Boohoo! Can’t wait to get the new site up and running! 2016 is already so close and looking to be an amazing year. Expect to see Maddy in posts more often. (yay.) Post from Melbourne on it’s way…

Dan xx

high vibes

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Top: Wayne Cooper
Jeans: Sportsgirl
Vest: June
Shoes: Converse
Glasses: Zero UV


So, remember last post when I told you how I loved tight pants and a big loose top that left room for dessert if you know what I mean? Well, in total contrast, here is a high waisted, high necked tight duo for you to consider. I love to draw inspiration from seventies silhouettes and colour palletes. I think the seventies was one of the coolest eras when it came to style. There’s too much goodness in it – high waisted pants, turtle necks, suede, fur, billowing blouses, big hair! I also love high waisted jeans. I think a good fitting pair of high waisted jeans is so flattering. They help to hold your tummy in and keep love handles in check, while also making your legs appear a little longer! Yay! This top I also haven’t worn since I was 17. Like, I’m not even sure Wayne Cooper still exists? But I knew that I liked it, I just hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it right, and the other day I discovered it amongst my million singlets that I never wear and thought ‘hey, maybe the last 5 years have prepared me for this day – I’m gonna wear it’ and not only did I wear it, I blogged it!

So next time you need some inspiration in the morning, staring at your wardrobe in disappointment, just think, WWFFD (what-would-farrah-fawcett-do.) It might just help you to pull out something that you haven’t thought about in five years and feel instantly new!

Dan xx