white on white

Outfits,  Winter

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jumper: Zara
jeans: Kmart (DIY rips)
boots: Beau Coops


Hey peeps.

If any of you follow us on instagram (which you should – @caboodlestreet) you will have seen this outfit posted such a long time ago. Ta-da! Here it is. I must admit, it took me so long to post this as every time I edited the photos I just wasn’t feeling the colours. The images just didn’t have the vibe that I wanted, until I had a serious chat to myself and said ‘Dan, get over it mate – get this tight white post out there!’ So here we are.

Monochrome is always a fall back for me. When in doubt, wear black and white, but I often don’t do it in this capacity. You would have seen my Kmart jeans before, but I recently gave them a new lease on life with a trendy slash across the knee. I’m feeling good about the ripped jean trend – I never really think it goes out of fashion, but the single slash is definitely having a moment. Maddy bought this knit form Zara and we both were like ‘omg so cozy and cute’ – love chunky knits. They are an absolute classic and something you will wear for a long time. But be warned, chunky knits do add a little extra padding if ya know what I mean. Generally we would get a larger size with the jumper to give a slightly lazier silhouette. To me, the ultimate cool-gal outfit is an oversized tee or knit, and a pair of super tight jeans. That way you can show the world that you have a body, but also eat as much as you want and stick your tummy and no-one even notices!

So, I think I like this all white thing. I’m going to give a go at some other colours. I’ll keep you posted. But be free and try all white! (Highly recommend not wearing this while eating spaghetti. Or anything tomato based!)

Dan x

L(awn) L(eather) Cool J(acket)

Autumn,  Outfits

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My apologies for the title. But, leather jackets are cool. They just are. I feel as though a leather jacket can be worn with any outfit, ever. Even when you’re posing in front of a senior’s lawn bowls club at sunset…

So, this dress is like a big sack and I really thought I wasn’t going to wear it because, don’t get me wrong, I love loose clothing and anything that allows me to stick my stomach out without it being noticed (ample food-baby space), but this was a little too far. I’m thinking of taking the hem up so I can wear it with a belt or just as a short loose sack. But I was playing around with it and seeing how I could wear it, and the knot thing seemed to work quite well. I actually bunched it all together and tied it with a hair band on the inside of the dress. The knot on the outside was a lil too bulbous! All you need is a rubber band and voila! A brand new dress that fits around yo little curves perfectly.

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but previously I enjoyed writing my blog posts all in lower case. There is some little side of my OCD that made myself believe that the sentences looked better when they were all on one level. That somehow starting with a capitol letter and not ending with a capitol letter was not symmetrical, and therefore not okay. On the other side of my OCD is the need for things to be at least somewhat grammatically correct and, well it’s time that I grow up and write with capitol letters where appropriate like the rest of the adult world. (Plus I was starting to write everything in lower case at work and that wasn’t really flying with the clients.) So, here I am, with all my start and stop sentences, made up words, and gangster abreviations, yet writing like a real adult.


Dan xx

the frill of the moment

Outfits,  Summer

the other night jordy and I went on a picnic, and this was my outfit. well. I actually wore converses but I thought if we were going somewhere fancy I would wear these shoes. so, this is my would-have-been outfit if we were being fancy…


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top: Seed Herritage
shorts: Staple

shoes: Senso ‘Vale’
lipstick: NARS ‘Funny Face’


jordan actually bought these shoes for maddy at christmas. i feel like i just chose them for him to buy her because i wanted to wear them. it’s usually the way it works with us though, our wardrobe is mostly communal. one thing i like about this outfit is how exaggerated it is. like the shorts aren’t super tight, and the frill is doing its thing, then the shoes are like hello i have buckles! but i feel because the shoulders are exposed and the shorts are well, short, that it works. if you’re body is a little too overcome by big bouncy shapes then you can get a little lost and end up looking like a ball, but the shoulders and legs are a dead giveaway that i am not in-fact a ball. do you see what i mean?

anyway, i’m pretty excited to show you our new site. but it’s not ready quite yet. so watch out for that one! i’m sure we will make a big fuss of it when it arrives! hope you all had a great Australia Day (or just a good monday for the few non-Australians.) also still thinking about cutting my hair. i’m in a massive state of confusion and i don’t want to act on impulse. i should probably focus my energy on something more productive than whether or not to cut my hair… until next time.


Dan x