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jumpsuit: SJ Lauren Lee
sneakers: Adidas
necklace: Molten Store


A few weeks ago now I was in Brisbane with the Meg Mac crew for our show with Jarryd James and we were staying in such a fun place! Our rooms were literally court and pool-side! Metaxia and I were bunking together, and always grab what opportunity we can to take some quick snaps! We were obviously inspired by our hotel and complete vacay-vibes. It’s always different when someone else is taking photos of me. I’m so used to having Maddy behind the camera – no judgment just sistas hanging out with a camera. But when someone else is snapping I feel like I have to ‘turn-it-on’ just that little more. In saying this, Metaxia is a total gem and makes me feel very comfortable. So, my demeanour in the photos is a little less ‘chilling on the tennis court’, and a little more ‘i clearly don’t play tennis, i’m just here to model.’ I hope you enjoy them none the less. Go over and have a look at Metaxia’s site – Burnished and Bound.

Let’s talk about clothes and stuff though. I have bought 4 jumpsuits in the last month. That is a lot of jumpsuits. That is an average of one jumpsuit per week. This one I got in Sydney from the little section at the bottom of Westfield with the small designers. SJ Lauren has such adorable stuff, and she makes everything look cool herself. So I was struggling with what to walk away with, but I am over the moon with this purchase. Speaking of moons – my necklace. I started following Molten Store on Instagram after they celebrated their store launch with the most amazing bedazzled donuts I had ever seen and they instantly won my heart! So this trip to Brisbane I had a little time to shop around, and we just so happened to be staying 10 minutes away from the store! It was fate! And I love my star and moon necklace. Stars just get me every time.

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Dan xx

Beetle Stripes

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singlet: Top Shop
pants: Lulu and Rose
sneakers: Converse
glasses: Zero UV

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday season and spent some time with your family and friends! 2016 is looking to be a pretty exciting year for us, and we are really excited to share what’s coming up with everyone! Yay! Now, striped pants. It’s a bold move. Although they are super light and baggy, there is something about these pants that feel dressy to me. So pairing them with a pair of sneakers (converse is the default for me) gives them a slightly more casual edge, and it’s my favourite thing to mix something dressy with something cas(j). I think it gives a real life kind of feel to whatever you’re wearing and not to mention adds a level of comfort! Keeping in mind that we are wearing pinstriped wide-leg pants, monochrome has got to be the way to go for the rest of the look. Black, white and simple and then add a little drama with your favourite lip colour. It’s the best way to get dressed up and be comfortable at the same time! Got a post form Brisbane coming up soon, but in the meantime try out mixing up a patterned piece with a whole bunch of plain and simple and that lip – you won’t regret it!

Dan xx