A walk down Caboodle Street may look something like this: shopping with a friend and acquiring new beauty skills; lunch in an Italian restaurant with some of Nona’s wisdom; and finishing the evening at a chilled out jam enjoying some sweet music. The whole kit and caboodle.

So who are we? Just two half Italian sisters from Perth WA. We share a common passion for food, shoes, good photos, Jesus, and funky music. This blog is really an expression of everything we love in life. It’s also a place for us to share our work and offer our services.

The service provides makeup, styling and photography. In particular, they specialise in fashion photography: building model portfolios and editorials. The makeup service can be provided alone for shoots, weddings, evenings about town etc. Danielle has had years of experience in the makeup industry, and Madeline has certainly attained quite a skill behind the camera having taken DanDressedMe photos since the very begining, but in true Caboodle style, the two can often switch roles. If you would like to book the duo for any of their services, please email us at: caboodlestreet@gmail.com.

Dan and Mad xx