big kitty

Outfits, Summer

tshirt / dress: Sportsgirl
sandals: 2 Baia Vista
bag: Lolla Palooza

been wanting a tshirt dress thing for a while. and this literally is a tshirt made dress. i just bough an xl to accommodate for enough derrière covering. but to be safe i am wearing bike shorts underneath. anyway i love the big leopard head. this is definitely more givenchy inspired than my last big kitty top. now. these sandals. i have been looking for a pair of nude-ish coloured sandals for quite some time. so as you do when there is a sale, i compulsively visited zomp in hope that i might actually find something in my size in the many rows of shoes. and as usual the shoes i ended up liking were not on sale. anyway. i’m happy with the purchase. actually. i liked so many of the 2 baia vista sandals. check them out on the link above. oh and look my hair is growing! exciting! even though i’m not sure how long i will let it get to. i’m still bipolar on the topic of my hair. love and hate. but i think mostly love right now. i just want my braces off so i can better judge how old my haircut actually makes me look. as i took my little sister ball dress shopping, all the saleswomen directed their questions to me and then were taken back when they realised i was not in fact going to a school ball. i had mine four. years. ago. let’s just hope this means when i’m 35 i’ll look 31. well, to looking 17.

dan x