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Outfits,  Summer

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jumpsuit: SJ Lauren Lee
sneakers: Adidas
necklace: Molten Store


A few weeks ago now I was in Brisbane with the Meg Mac crew for our show with Jarryd James and we were staying in such a fun place! Our rooms were literally court and pool-side! Metaxia and I were bunking together, and always grab what opportunity we can to take some quick snaps! We were obviously inspired by our hotel and complete vacay-vibes. It’s always different when someone else is taking photos of me. I’m so used to having Maddy behind the camera – no judgment just sistas hanging out with a camera. But when someone else is snapping I feel like I have to ‘turn-it-on’ just that little more. In saying this, Metaxia is a total gem and makes me feel very comfortable. So, my demeanour in the photos is a little less ‘chilling on the tennis court’, and a little more ‘i clearly don’t play tennis, i’m just here to model.’ I hope you enjoy them none the less. Go over and have a look at Metaxia’s site – Burnished and Bound.

Let’s talk about clothes and stuff though. I have bought 4 jumpsuits in the last month. That is a lot of jumpsuits. That is an average of one jumpsuit per week. This one I got in Sydney from the little section at the bottom of Westfield with the small designers. SJ Lauren has such adorable stuff, and she makes everything look cool herself. So I was struggling with what to walk away with, but I am over the moon with this purchase. Speaking of moons – my necklace. I started following Molten Store on Instagram after they celebrated their store launch with the most amazing bedazzled donuts I had ever seen and they instantly won my heart! So this trip to Brisbane I had a little time to shop around, and we just so happened to be staying 10 minutes away from the store! It was fate! And I love my star and moon necklace. Stars just get me every time.

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Dan xx

a denim dress

Outfits,  Summer

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dress: A Brand
t-shirt: Zara
watch: Marc Jacobs
shoes: Converse


Denim is a weird thing. It can be seriously cool, or seriously not. I think first things first – find the right cut (anything ill fitting is already a disaster) then find the right colour. I prefer denim that doesn’t have a wash of any other colour through it – so a true blue or a black and then faded from there if need be. Also rips are just an easy way to make something a little cooler. I have been loving the t-shrit under dress kind of vibe, it makes the dress that bit more casual, and looks super cute which is always a win. I think a denim shift dress might just become a new staple in my wardrobe. Nice and short, but super loose around the waist so I can eat a lot and not be concerned about holding myself in – which we all know is my main priority – can I eat in this?

Another fun post coming soon.

Dan xx

the frill of the moment

Outfits,  Summer

the other night jordy and I went on a picnic, and this was my outfit. well. I actually wore converses but I thought if we were going somewhere fancy I would wear these shoes. so, this is my would-have-been outfit if we were being fancy…


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top: Seed Herritage
shorts: Staple

shoes: Senso ‘Vale’
lipstick: NARS ‘Funny Face’


jordan actually bought these shoes for maddy at christmas. i feel like i just chose them for him to buy her because i wanted to wear them. it’s usually the way it works with us though, our wardrobe is mostly communal. one thing i like about this outfit is how exaggerated it is. like the shorts aren’t super tight, and the frill is doing its thing, then the shoes are like hello i have buckles! but i feel because the shoulders are exposed and the shorts are well, short, that it works. if you’re body is a little too overcome by big bouncy shapes then you can get a little lost and end up looking like a ball, but the shoulders and legs are a dead giveaway that i am not in-fact a ball. do you see what i mean?

anyway, i’m pretty excited to show you our new site. but it’s not ready quite yet. so watch out for that one! i’m sure we will make a big fuss of it when it arrives! hope you all had a great Australia Day (or just a good monday for the few non-Australians.) also still thinking about cutting my hair. i’m in a massive state of confusion and i don’t want to act on impulse. i should probably focus my energy on something more productive than whether or not to cut my hair… until next time.


Dan x

peaches and converse

Outfits,  Summer

one of my favourite things is to wear pretty little dresses with converses. there’s just something so comforting about it. the truth is, as much as i’d like to think i wear heels all the time wherever i want, i don’t. so there’s joy in knowing i’m wearing something pretty, but i’m comfortable and no one is going to judge me for wearing heels before 7pm. (it’s a real thing that exists in perth.)


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dress:The Fifth (couldn’t find this colour!)
shoes: Converse
bracelet: its like, really old
lipstick: Bobbi Brown ‘Dusty Pink’


i picked this dress up at the david jones boxing day sales so it was pretty cheap. if i were a few feet taller i would definitely wear this without a belt, so you get that cute little shifty shape. but unfortunately my little legs just don’t permit that kind of thing. regardless, i like the dress. very easy to wear if you want to look a little bit fancy in a hurry (due to the shape) and nice that it’s not black. probably the only thing i own in that colour too, although, i wouldn’t mind it in stripes. i’m a sucker for stripes.

on a side note, any of you that have read my older posts would know that creating blog post titles is really one of my least favourite activities. so i’ve decided i need something fun to keep me inspired enough to post. so i’m going to make it my aim that every post would be some sort of pun. a common phrase or saying, tweaked with my outfit details. sorry if you don’t care – neither do i, that’s why i’ve invented this game for myself. so, see you next time. probably with the most un-funny title you’ve ever seen.

dan x