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jumper: A+RO
skirt: Zimmerman
necklace: Swellery
cuff: Doloris Petunia
clutch: Mimco


so it was my birthday yesterday. yay. i’ve officially left my teenage years behind me and have entered the mature world of the 20’s. i feel instantly more responsible.. joking. i feel exactly the same. but it is kind of strange to say that i’m 20. i could have sworn yesterday i was only 12. anyway i had a really lovely day. my mum, two of my sisters and my best friend and i went to must winebar in mt lawley for some tres delicieux french food. my mamma bought me this skirt and jumper too. which i lovve. the skirt is zimmermann and the jumper is a+ro. it’s bright and wild and probably a lot of people don’t like it. but it made me feel great. i must say i felt like i could have been anywhere in the world. i’m not sure if that at all makes sense. but you know when you wear things and it makes you feel like you could be anywhere? maybe? okay. well. point is, i like the jumpy. and this bracelet i also adore. my sister bought it for my birthday. from zara bryson. (great selection of jewellery there.) so there you go. that was me on my birthday. and my last piece of information for you..

today i got braces. so if i don’t upload a photo of me for a while, you know why.

dan xx

ps margaret court

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hi dear friends.

i’ve decided to do a post that i’ve never really done before. something a lot more informational, and probably expressing my beliefs far more than i ever have. so here goes.

i’m sure many of you are aware of the hype that has been raised around margaret court and her views on gay marriage lately. and as most of you know (or have gathered by now) i am a christian. i actually attend ps margaret’s church. victory life centre. i know her personally and i have seen the work that she has done with the community of perth, and with helping people all around the world. it makes me so so heart broken to see the horrible things that people have said about her. apart from the fact that they are completely untrue and blown right out of scale, it’s highly hypocritical to abuse someone over having a conviction of something. i have read about people calling her names and saying she is a horrible woman full of hatred towards gay people, and i just couldn’t be quiet about it.

i’m crying as i write this, because i have seen her be a mother to so many people, and these words are just so far from true. ps margaret has never once said a harmful word about homosexuals or deemed it as a disgusting act or anything of the sort. but the fact that she is standing up for something has made people go mad. the thought of changing the name of the arena from the greatest female tennis player the world has ever seen, i think is highly irrelevant and completely dishonourable for such an outstanding, well deserved achievement. it has been a known fact for years that margaret court is a christian, and has been ministering for so long. it is also a known fact that christians believe that god ordained heterosexual marriages. so why is everyone suddenly shocked that she is standing by the god that she has been serving for so many years?

from my own experience, god will change your life. to be honest, i would absolutely not be the person i am today, or be in the position i am in, if it wasn’t for my relationship with this god that i now know as my father. ps margaret feels the same. but i understand, it is hard to try and accept someone’s beliefs on something when you have never experienced it or even heard about it in any detail. but if we are so wanting equal rights, then what exempts ps margaret from that category? i feel as though we are told that we’re all entitled to an opinion concerning gay marriages, that is, unless we disagree. then you’re deemed hateful. but isn’t that then discrimination in itself.

i guess what i’m trying to say is, whether you believe in gay marriages or not. ps margaret is a human being. she is a loving wife, mother and friend. and i just hope that people will see her heart. that she really does love all people, yes, that means ALL people, no matter what you’ve done where you’ve been or how you live. and i am proud of her for being able to still stand for what she believes, whether you agree or not, even among all that is coming against her. i mean. that’s why they’re protesting isn’t it? for their belief?
on a lighter note. i too love you ALL.

be back with a pretty picture post soon. thanks guys.

dan x


Life and Love


one of my favourite presents from christmas. i love how tiny the skulls are so that you’re not even sure what it is until you get close. hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday with christmas and new years. i’ve been terribly absent due to enjoying myself far too much. and i’m off to a beach house with some friends tomorrow for a few more days of even more sun swimming and food. it really is living the good life.

now apart from my great jewellery, i received the world’s coolest present that i am so grateful for. but really, you guys benefit from it. a new camera. cannon 7d. and it makes me really happy, and you guys will enjoy better photos. woo. i’ve got a whole bunch of holiday photos to upload soon. and still. waiting the reveal of the alice mccall shorts. so until then. continue to enjoy yourselves, and remember to thank our father for just how much he has blessed us with. lots of lurrrv yall.

dan x


oui oui. paris

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just a few shots from paris. and despite all the rain it still charmed me. sorry about all the different photo sizes. i really struggled this time haha. anyway hope these make you a little bit jealous, but ultimately happy. i love travelling. something i will pursue for the rest of my life, and paris was just one of those places i wore whatever i wanted and felt pretty great about it. notice my stripes. one day i looked almost like a mockery with how frenchy i was. i loved it hehe. anyway here’s just a little descriptive info:

1. the eiffel tower for about the 4th time

2. the lourve

3. the cool metro sign

4. climbed to stair 669 of the tower

5. popcorn and pomegranate soup at the tower dinner

6. our tickets

7. the hourly twinkle after 9pm

8. my gorgeous sister

9. again in the rain after some vintage shopping

10. amazing chandeliers in the notre dame

11. dad and i after the moulin rouge

12. laudree box

13. macaroons to die for. (we spent an unethical amount of money there)

14. another stripy moment looking out on the boat tour

15. having way too much fun without our 4th sister in the hotel room

(wish you were there pen!)


lots of love.

dan x