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the madness

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Mad for two reasons. 1. I’m going mad because I can’t get the darn video to load on here. grrrr. and 2. I’ve been madly Christmas shopping. I forget how time consuming it is, unless you’re certain I’d average about 1 hour per present. minimum. So, here’s an outfit from yesterday. I spent more than 3 hours in the Claremont Quarter park. I always said to myself how reasonable 3 hours free parking was, because who would possibly be shopping in Claremont for that long. But I disproved myself, and to discover once you breach that limit it can get rather costly. mm….


11 22 33 44 55


Wearing: Staple top, Hussy shorts, RMK sandals, Mimco bag.

Happy Christmas shopping!

Dan x

grad dins

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So it’s been a while. A few hectic things going on. (For starters, my little sister maxing out the internet usage again.) I’ve been in Bunbury as I said in my last post. Helping my dad move his shop into a brand new shop. It was lots of hard work, and so many darn things going wrong it’s a wonder his head hasn’t exploded. I’ve actually never seen anyone have so many questions thrown at him at once as my dad. Literally he needs to hide when (if) he eats lunch so he can finish it! He’s a great man :)
So anyway I’m right getting in to Christmas now, and what the heck, I can’t even believe how close it is. Looks to me like I’ll be a mad Christmas shopper running around on Christmas eve. There’s something about the Christmas shopping madness that kind of appeals to me however, so maybe I just might leave the shopping till very last! We put up our tree while listening (more singing on my behalf) to Mariah Carey’s christmas CD. So good!
Another thing, I auditioned for WAAPA. For those of you who don’t understand what that is – Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. It’s Australia’s best music school actually, and they go to every state to auditioned. Last year only 10 people from the whole of Australia were accepted in to the Contemporary Music Course (which is what I auditioned for, majoring in singing!) So I’ll keep you posted on how that goes, fingers crossed and hands together I’ll get in. Then this can become a famous lady’s blog and you’ll all be my faithful blog followers forever. awww. well, next thing…
I graduated form Bible College last week, with a Cert IV in youth ministry. YAY. It was really nice to be finished this year and thinking about amazing things for the future, yet I was so sad to be leaving that place. There’s just the best people there and it’s such a nice place to be. On Thursday night we had our graduation dinner and these are just a couple of photos with one my good friends, Zac, from after actually haha. And this dress was only $60!!

Be sure to hear from me soon. xx



So many things went on while I was gone. One most significant, is that my biggest sister officially became a doctor. YAY. Dr Penelope O’Sullivan. I’m so proud of her, and she works darn hard to say the least so she deserved honours and that’s what she got! Also, I’m leaving for Bunbury in approximately 7 hours so, good luck getting a post while I’m down there. I will try. In the meantime one of the family photos from Penny’s Dedication/Graduation/Congratulation thing…


(Madeline, Mamma, Penelope, Dadda, Gabriella, Moi)

..I’ll be back to regular soon I promise.
Although, I have said that before…

Dan x



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This weekend my friends and I went to breakfast at Greenhouse restaurant in the city on St Georges Terrace. The setting was amazing, and let’s be honest, I felt like a little indie girl sitting on the raw looking wooden chairs, eating organic products, and taking condiments out of tiny square jars. I did like my breakfast, although the crust of the bread was practically a rock and I seriously struggled to the point where I just cut it all off and left it on the side of my plate – how childish of me, I know! Anyway, here are a few photos. I did slightly battle with the exposure in a few of them resulting in a really slow shutter speed and therefore blurry photos – it happens…


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We decided to leave once we saw people beginning to order for lunch. So Rachel and I tried to go op shopping – only semi successful, and a lot more expensive than desired. And I found some lovely leopard sandals by RMK. Sure to be seen soon. Here is an awkward and rather failing attempt at taking photos in the mirror amongst bustling David Jones shoppers.


12a 11a


Got home only to leave immediately and take my little sister to find some sort of present/costume for her friends Alice in Wonderland party. We thought perhaps white queen as I had already made a dress for that, but unfortunately she’s almost indigenous so the whole ‘white’ part didn’t really work. We settled at the rabbit and after a large debate over having a nose and whiskers I finally convinced her. Let’s be honest – she looks nothing like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, but she looks darn cute.


14a 13a


another post brewing soon.

Dan xx