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(random wedding shot)

so i’ve just launched a soundcloud for myself. not sure how much use it’s going to get at this stage, but the plan is to put many demos/previews of stuff that i am working on. currently the only thing on there is a cover i did with a couple of friends from waapa in hope that we would get a few pub gigs out of it. and we did. but i don’t think the pub life is for me anymore. i have had every intention to really work on my own stuff this year and develop some sort of style or sound that i can own. but i have not been committed enough, and definitely been too easily discouraged. i just have to realise that it may take some time for me to really produce something that i love. and speaking of producing, that’s another factor. i have a recording program i just don’t have anywhere to set up a midi keyboard and even make some sort of lame excuse for a track. so i just resort to my piano. and i don’t know, but i think there’s only so far you can take your songwriting sitting on the same old piano. i need to get a bit more active, and that is what i plan to do.

so i vow to you, readers of caboodle street, and those interested in my ‘studio’, that i will have some work for you. i will spend my spare time not playing candy crush (darn that stupid unintelligent game), or practicing my makeup with nowhere to go, or even watching pretty little liars. i will spend my time in some sort of strange den that i will create for myself, to really get in tha zone and pump out some sweet sounds. well they might not be sweet, but they will be sounds. that i can guarantee.

in the meantime, i will mostly be posting about how i’m going/struggling with writing lyrics and who is doing it right. for me they’re the biggest mountain to climb. also i’ll show you what sounds i’m loving, and probably many youtube links. so if you feel like hearing a pretty humble version of wonderwall (oasis), or you need a band for your pub, please click here and enjoy my soundcloud.

dan xx

matt corby

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hey friends.

so i love matt corby. his voice is just, ugh, from God that’s for sure. anyway the other day at uni i was scheduled to do a little singer/songwriter performance at the cafe and i covered one of his songs ‘big eyes’. he said that he wrote it about God, and to be honest i don’t really even understand what half of the things he says means, but i do know that he just sounds gorgeous. anyway. point is i recorded it. and then i put it on youtube. and now here we are. trying to get you to listen to it. so click here to listen and ah, let me know what you think.

dan x



darn these titles

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american apparel top. vintage shorts from pigeon hole. sewellery necklace. gorman shoes.

so this necklace i received from my sister for christmas. in fact i received 3 gifts with skulls on them this year.. im not sure what that should mean. anyways. i really quite enjoy this. i probably wouldn’t have bought it myself, but i’m highly grateful that she got it for me, and i try and wear it with everything. many compliments. although equally as many weird looks. i love it. and these shoes my cousin gave me, just because she didn’t wear them any more. and to think i was just about to purchase them. so that was a ginormous blessing.. it’s great having trendy family members. this whole outfit i wore to a gig on saturday night, which was super fun. and speaking of gigs, the boys and i have been doing a few lately and we are loving it. every time i perform i realise just how much i love it. we’ve made a facebook page too with our demo and just some gig details etc. so if you’d like to be a good person, you should click here and like us hehe. thankya.

dan x

a cowgirl of sorts

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hi peeps. so this weather has been really getting on my nerves. the whole double mindedness about being sunny then rainy is not cool. i need to know if i need to fake tan or not. otherwise i struggle when deciding what to wear and limiting myself to full length clothing only.not to mention squint in all the photos trying to shelter my eyeballs from the tiny drops. mm anyways. i find myself talking about the weather too much. more about the clothes.

this little bustier/corset/lace top thing i believe i told you about a while back. it’s from gorgeous vintage in inglewood, and the lady there made this in the 80’s. it was a zip up onsie with the legs cut off at the thigh. so she made it in to a top for me. jeans are claude maus. belt is vintage. boots are 2 bia vista. and are rather convincingly cowboy boots. i like them. a lot. ah so another thing to tell of. i have finally put a video on youtube. i thought about not showing my face, but my sister convinced me that would be more awkward. so please excuse my bizarre facial expressions. i’m just that in to the music that i don’t care what i look like… kidding. it just happens for some reason. so click here if you’d like to see me cover one of the world’s most covered songs. thanks.
dan xx