the frill of the moment

Outfits, Summer

the other night jordy and I went on a picnic, and this was my outfit. well. I actually wore converses but I thought if we were going somewhere fancy I would wear these shoes. so, this is my would-have-been outfit if we were being fancy…


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top: Seed Herritage
shorts: Staple

shoes: Senso ‘Vale’
lipstick: NARS ‘Funny Face’


jordan actually bought these shoes for maddy at christmas. i feel like i just chose them for him to buy her because i wanted to wear them. it’s usually the way it works with us though, our wardrobe is mostly communal. one thing i like about this outfit is how exaggerated it is. like the shorts aren’t super tight, and the frill is doing its thing, then the shoes are like hello i have buckles! but i feel because the shoulders are exposed and the shorts are well, short, that it works. if you’re body is a little too overcome by big bouncy shapes then you can get a little lost and end up looking like a ball, but the shoulders and legs are a dead giveaway that i am not in-fact a ball. do you see what i mean?

anyway, i’m pretty excited to show you our new site. but it’s not ready quite yet. so watch out for that one! i’m sure we will make a big fuss of it when it arrives! hope you all had a great Australia Day (or just a good monday for the few non-Australians.) also still thinking about cutting my hair. i’m in a massive state of confusion and i don’t want to act on impulse. i should probably focus my energy on something more productive than whether or not to cut my hair… until next time.


Dan x