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Top: Wayne Cooper
Jeans: Sportsgirl
Vest: June
Shoes: Converse
Glasses: Zero UV


So, remember last post when I told you how I loved tight pants and a big loose top that left room for dessert if you know what I mean? Well, in total contrast, here is a high waisted, high necked tight duo for you to consider. I love to draw inspiration from seventies silhouettes and colour palletes. I think the seventies was one of the coolest eras when it came to style. There’s too much goodness in it – high waisted pants, turtle necks, suede, fur, billowing blouses, big hair! I also love high waisted jeans. I think a good fitting pair of high waisted jeans is so flattering. They help to hold your tummy in and keep love handles in check, while also making your legs appear a little longer! Yay! This top I also haven’t worn since I was 17. Like, I’m not even sure Wayne Cooper still exists? But I knew that I liked it, I just hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it right, and the other day I discovered it amongst my million singlets that I never wear and thought ‘hey, maybe the last 5 years have prepared me for this day – I’m gonna wear it’ and not only did I wear it, I blogged it!

So next time you need some inspiration in the morning, staring at your wardrobe in disappointment, just think, WWFFD (what-would-farrah-fawcett-do.) It might just help you to pull out something that you haven’t thought about in five years and feel instantly new!

Dan xx