melbourne blossom

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A few weeks ago now while on tour with Meg, I was exploring Melbourne and took photos with the lovely Metaxia of Burnished and Bound. She is a wonderfully talented photographer, and we just had some super quick fun down an alley way and in front of someone’s house!


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jacket: Uniqlo
shirt: Uniqlo
jeans: Sportsgirl
boots: Cristian G
lipstick: NARS ‘Rosebud’ lipliner

So I am currently in London and posting about Melbourne. I’ve been so blessed this year with the opportunity to travel more than I ever have before. Working with Meg has been a real pleasure, and her unreal talent inspires me like crazy! Her and half the band live in Melbourne which means I’ve been spending a whole heap of time there, and my heart is quickly growing fond of the city! I hadn’t been to Uniqlo before, and it was a total winner. I went with the intention to find an oversized linen shirt which was the easiest thing ever to find – they have an entire section dedicated to linen. But the army print bomber was totally spontaneous. It’s normally those kinds of purchases that I love the most – and I do love it. Bombers are totally bomb right now and I’m digging this trend! Looking forward to wearing this in Summer at home with a simple black dress and some fat sandals or sneakers.

Speaking of sneakers, today I went to multiple sneaker shops and I tried on a bunch of Adidas. I’m just struggling. I can’t seem to find a pair that suit me, and most of the ones I liked were mens and didn’t come in my size! Every second person in London is wearing some trendy sneakers, vintage jeans and a rad oversized coat and well, they’re starting to annoy me with their effortless cool that I for some reason can’t replicate. So I have 1 day left here and I’m going to try on every pair of sneakers I see! If that mission fails, at least I will be returning home with some rad vintage denim from Camden Markets. Hoping to show you my purchases soon! Follow us on instagram if you want to see what fun we have been getting up to and who we have been making pretty!

Dan xx