peaches and converse

Outfits, Summer

one of my favourite things is to wear pretty little dresses with converses. there’s just something so comforting about it. the truth is, as much as i’d like to think i wear heels all the time wherever i want, i don’t. so there’s joy in knowing i’m wearing something pretty, but i’m comfortable and no one is going to judge me for wearing heels before 7pm. (it’s a real thing that exists in perth.)


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dress:The Fifth (couldn’t find this colour!)
shoes: Converse
bracelet: its like, really old
lipstick: Bobbi Brown ‘Dusty Pink’


i picked this dress up at the david jones boxing day sales so it was pretty cheap. if i were a few feet taller i would definitely wear this without a belt, so you get that cute little shifty shape. but unfortunately my little legs just don’t permit that kind of thing. regardless, i like the dress. very easy to wear if you want to look a little bit fancy in a hurry (due to the shape) and nice that it’s not black. probably the only thing i own in that colour too, although, i wouldn’t mind it in stripes. i’m a sucker for stripes.

on a side note, any of you that have read my older posts would know that creating blog post titles is really one of my least favourite activities. so i’ve decided i need something fun to keep me inspired enough to post. so i’m going to make it my aim that every post would be some sort of pun. a common phrase or saying, tweaked with my outfit details. sorry if you don’t care – neither do i, that’s why i’ve invented this game for myself. so, see you next time. probably with the most un-funny title you’ve ever seen.

dan x