rome. take two

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Alright so I’m in Paris. And honestly, the rain sucks. But fortunately the charm remains in this huge city and I’m still loving every moment. But before I get carried away with the food at the Eiffel tower, and the show at the Moulin Rouge, I’ll take you through this European journey somewhat systematically.

So Rome. It was surprisingly easy to find your way around and the history in that place is incredible. To be honest I didn’t like the shopping in Rome at all, so naturally I bought nothing. Food however was top quality. Down/up side is all the bread. It’s thick and delicious but a loaf a day per person is just too much for any normal girl to stomach along with pasta and gelato. Although the walking to every location has tried to be my justification for the food. My sister joined us on the last day in Rome right before heading over to Assisi (which calls for another post of better pictures and ridiculous windy roads). So here are photos from Rome…


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