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hi peeps. so this weather has been really getting on my nerves. the whole double mindedness about being sunny then rainy is not cool. i need to know if i need to fake tan or not. otherwise i struggle when deciding what to wear and limiting myself to full length clothing only.not to mention squint in all the photos trying to shelter my eyeballs from the tiny drops. mm anyways. i find myself talking about the weather too much. more about the clothes.

this little bustier/corset/lace top thing i believe i told you about a while back. it’s from gorgeous vintage in inglewood, and the lady there made this in the 80’s. it was a zip up onsie with the legs cut off at the thigh. so she made it in to a top for me. jeans are claude maus. belt is vintage. boots are 2 bia vista. and are rather convincingly cowboy boots. i like them. a lot. ah so another thing to tell of. i have finally put a video on youtube. i thought about not showing my face, but my sister convinced me that would be more awkward. so please excuse my bizarre facial expressions. i’m just that in to the music that i don’t care what i look like… kidding. it just happens for some reason. so click here if you’d like to see me cover one of the world’s most covered songs. thanks.
dan xx

charlie black

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This adorable little Cavoodle is now 7 and a half months old.

Ooo he is my favourite little fluffy thing to cuddle in the world. And possibly the most psycho animal to live. I’m not even kidding.

Apart from that, I got these pants at the sass and bide warehouse sale. Not sure if they’re leggings or jeans, but they have a zip and seams which deems them worthy of wearing as pants…



(such a good nose..)










Wearing: Fluxus t-shirt, Country Road cardigan, Sass and Bide ‘pants’, 2 Baia Vista boots, and used MAC gel liner on my eyes.


And that was my baby sister a little up. Charlie and Maddy make a darling pair.

Aaand I will draw the necklace winner soon. yay.

Dan x


Outfits,  Winter

A few things I haven’t worn in a while. Love this dress. The way it drapes and the belt jumps out like a little surprise is so much fun really. Love these boots. Perfect for those days when it seems you forgot colour existed and your entire wardrobe is black…



Ladakh woolen top, tato y memi dress, Scanlan and Theodore patent black belt (perfect for entirely everything), tights from somewhere (most probably IGA), boots by 2 Baia Vista (at Zomp)

Dan xx