alice mccall

alice mccall

Outfits,  Summer


so finally. here are the alice mcall shorts that i’ve been meaning to show you! they’re so cute and tricky, because they look like a skirt, but they’re just awesomely pleated loose falling shorts. i guess they’re skorts. and they’re majorly cool. not to mention majorly tight around the waist. certainly not something you want to wear to dinner. and along with it i put this denim dress that jordan got me once from thailand. i actually ripped the sleeves off, which just means i will get more wear out of it this way :) and the neckalce looks great, until you touch it, and its light and cheap and plasticy. or something just not nice anyways. but it looks cool. and that’s what i want. so we can thank diva for that one. hopefully it will live its $25 worth! and finally i put it with a pair of converse chuck taylors.. i remember buying these shoes in year 9. there was a converse sale in harbour town, and for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to start ‘collecting’ them. so when my ‘collection’ hit four i felt overwhelmed, and came to my senses a little. simple usually wins, but in this instance i felt like once again, being cool. or at least attempting. and i do love how they work with it. and there’s the bonus of comfort!

so there you have it.

see you soon.

dan x