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dress: Mink Pink
singlet: Lucky 13
boots: Somewhere in Paris


ah the mullet dress. it’s a trend that’s gone mildly crazy. and i must say i do actually enjoy it. this is a minkpink dress. i just tied this ridiculous singlet top thing over it. the giraffe is hilarious i must say. i love it. it’s also from that lucky thirteen store in the city. i’d say it cost me $13. and the boots are the same ones i got from paris. now i’m not sure if you can see too well, but the rings i’m wearing i made from chains. literally unlinked and then relinked a few pieces of chain. thinking i might get some finer stuff and make a few little ones to bunch together. but it’s a super cute idea. (same idea as the chain necklace from 2 posts ago.) so i want to do something to my hair. coz it’s boring and the blondiness is making it a little drier than i prefer. i just don’t know what to do. i think you’ll find i’ll head back to my comfort zone and just darken/richen the whole thing. leave it long and brown. that’s what i do.

in other news i’m a little sad as i’m getting braces in a couple of weeks. the day after my 20th birthday to be precise. yet also happy as i’m off to sydney in june/july to attend hillsong, and hang with my great friends. one of which will be rachel, attending from ireland. woo. so look forward to actually buying some clothes and having some fun stuff to show you ;)

dan x

for the love of charlie

Outfits,  Summer


so these photos were a little sporadic. you see. russell james this awesome celebrity photographer is having a little facebook photo competition. and the whole theme was love. and i guess maddy and i thought, well we love charlie (who doesn’t love that face), so we took a couple of snaps with me and the ball of fluff. i’m actually loving these photos too. the lighting and the discovery of the awesomeness of curves on photoshop i think has given some rather cute photos. so hopefully you like them too. this dress was $18. i know. really. from that lucky 13 place in the city that i have previous spoken about. mm. it was a long long time ago that i mentioned it. anyway. good store. only down fall is that everything is like ‘one-size-fits-all’. but it’s definitely a lie. from the front we are all happy and dandy, but when i turn around you start to question whether it is in fact a dress. then i lean ever so slightly forward and it really loses all credibility. so i may be in denial. i still think its a dress. i just add some little black denim short underneath. then there is then the issue of older women looking at you shocked for showing your black denim underwear. sweetheart. they’re shorts.

okay anyway it’s late and i could talk forever. follow me on instagram. it is pretty fun.
ciao bambinos.

dan x.


introducing charlie black

Outfits,  Summer

So this is the dress that I got for my bible college graduation last year. I never got to show you it, as I don’t have any lovely photos of me wearing it. So I just put it on for the sake of showing you how gorgeous it is. I feels so light and I just want to swish every time I put it on. It was hard to get Charlie out of the camera in these photos, but I’d say he only makes them that much better. I’m also wearing my favourite lipstick by NARS ironically called ‘funny face’. So pretty.

Mmm so Chictopia. Should have done it a long time ago. I first signed up for lookbook, and it’s just so depressing. Seems I have no style, and it is impossible for me to exceed 3 hypes. 3 DARN IT! Ah, so on Chictopia I have had a lott of loving. So thank you so much if you have been on and voted for me etc. It has managed to make me excited once again about this whole blogging thing. So excited I think I’ll be updating every week. Now there’s some exciting news for those of you who like to read this blog :)

And another thing. I saw this short documentary on The Sartorialist. If you haven’t already seen his amazing blog just click right here and see. He is just a wonderful photographer, and he catches so many of the offbeats of fashion that make it just a little exciting. I love that he doesn’t just capture what’s in season or in trend, but he manages to capture someone’s attitude and personal style which really the thing that makes their outfit. So if you want to check it out, just click here. Oh and the filming looks amazing on the video too. Oh I love creative people..

Anyway, on to the pictures…


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I told you he was cute..

My dress is from Bettina Liano. And my shoes, believe it or not, are by Lipstick. I’ve never liked any of their shoes to be honest, but these ones I love. Most probably majority of my love for them was their price – $90. Not to mention they are so comfy. Go get some! And my bow is from Sportsgirl.

And if you haven’t swished around in a silk chiffon ruffled skirt lately, I highly recommend it.

Dan x