Beauty Go-To’s




hey people.

so i just wanted to share with you my go-to look when i need to look nice, but don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to be overly made up. this is probably a classic look for me. dewy skin, soft eyes, lots of mascara, and a berry lip! i’m all about the lip colour! so i’m going to go through what products i used and how i used them. hopefully this will be helpful for those of you interested in what products i use to polish myself up. i’ve been meaning to show you this for a while, and didn’t know whether i should do a video or not. i think i will attatch a demonstration video next time. lemme know what you want to see!





1. VERSO Day Cream.
moisturising before applying makeup is such an important step. you need to protect your skin throughout the day, and you want a nice plump canvas for applying your products. my skin is more toward the dry side so i look for slightly richer, hydrating textures. verso has retinol which may be more anti-aging than i need at this stage, but i love that it evens out my freckles a little. also it has an SPF which is so important! if you’re not currently using one during the day, i highly recommend putting this in to your regime. you will notice a big different in the even tone of your skin!

2. STILA Illuminating BB Cream.
this is my ultimate product. here i have literally squeezed it on to my fingers and applied it all over my face like moisturiser! the finish is a stunning glow. it’s great for mixing in with foundations, wearing on its own, and for touching up through the day/night.

3. HOURGLASS Hidden Concealer. 
the coverage is great and the texture is so easy to use and leaves the skin looking radiant. a problem that i have found with a lot of fuller coverage concealers, is that they dry on to the skin to last longer. however this product will not dry you out, and is another one to keep in your bag for touch ups throughout the day. i’ve applied it under my eyes, and around the edges and centre of my nose.

4. CHANTECAILLE Gel Bronzer.
it’s summer glow in a tube! i squeezed a little out on the back of my hand and used the BARE MINERALS Soft Focus Brush to buff it all around the edges of my face and along my cheek bones. this can also be mixed in with foundation if you want to warm it up, or worn alone during summer for a beautiful glowy complexion! (if you’re brave enough to go without the coverage!)

5. HOURGLASS Ambient lighting powder – Dim Light.
i find the best way to describe the finish of this, is like a soft focus film from the fifties. you know how the ladies on the screen always looked almost airbrushed, or like their skin was kind of blurred? that’s how i feel when i put on this powder. it bring everything together so nicely. i used the NARS Yachiyo Brush and applied it softly all over to finish the complexion.

6. BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar – Bronze Moon.
for those of you who want to wear a little something on the eyes, but don’t have time to conjure up a masterpiece, this is for you! i drew it along the lashline, and then buffed it out with my finger just up to my crease. this can be worn a lot heavier and fuller in colour, but for an everyday thing it’s nice to just have a little wash of metalic across the eye to slightly highlight but also add shape/dimension to the eye. the texture is creamy when you put it on, but then it does set. so just be aware to not leave it sitting on the eye for too long before you start to buff it out!

7. ELLIS FAAS Mascara.
amazing, even, long, and separated lashes. it’s a stand out for me! and once i’ve curled my lashes with the KEVYN AUCOIN Lash Curler, it’s a breeze. i didn’t always curl my lashes, until i realised i was taking too long to do my mascara, and i need a quicker way to get that really open eyed look. so now, i’m a lash curler. i would highly recommend it to all!

8. HOURGLASS Arch Brow Pencil.
if you struggle with getting a good finish with a brow pencil because it looks so heavy or unnatural because you’ve drawn to many lines, then this is the brow pencil you need. the unique angled shape of the product makes it so easy to apply, and it lasts really well! i brush out my brows with the spooly end, and then fill them in focusing on the arch, and squaring off the front of the brow.

9. YVES SAINT LAURENT Silky Lipstick – Forbidden Burgundy.
i love the smell, i love the texture, i love the colour. a very easy product to wear. although it’s not super long wearing, it’s a great one to have in your bag to keep touching up with. when the lip product is a bit more sheer it tends to be a bit more forgiving with your application, and also keeps the lips more hydrated throughout the day. you may wear whatever colour you love! i believe that adding a wash of colour can just glam up any makeup look. even with nothing on the eyes, a bit of lippy just says ‘i’m here, and i care about today.’




now, in terms of hair products, i really need to work a little harder in this area. i’ve always been great with skin care and makeup, but when it comes to hair care i’m a bit lazier. but i’ve found that these products have just been amazing for my hair lately. especially with the colour washing out, i have so much of the previously bleached areas of my hair coming through. it’s crazy. every week someone asks me if i’ve lightened my hair. but no. i’ve just washed it…

1. LIVING PROOF Restore Shampoo and Conditioner.
this range has been really good for my hair. especially with it leaning toward the dry side. i need to add that moisture! depending on how my hair is feeling after one shampoo, i sometimes go again. then i deposit most of the conditioner to the ends of my hair and then use the remaining product on my scalp. i also use the mask from the same range, when i can be bothered. i will admit, my hair is better when i use the mask. i normally just put it in the ends of my hair where it’s really dry, but i’m too lazy to do it every time!!

2. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil.
this is awesome on wet or dry hair. i normally use is in the ends of my hair after i’ve towel dried it, before combing it through. but it’s also great on dry hair. so once it’s been styled, adding it the ends to take down frizz is awesome, and one of my biggest problems!

so they’re just some things that i’m loving at the moment. and how i use them. let me know your own experiences with them. it’s one thing i love to talk about is product and how people use the same things in different ways. also, and hair product recommendations are welcome!

dan xx

oily skin


hi guys,

so i have done my video on the way i like to do complexion for dry skin, and now here’s how i do it for an oily skin type. i would like to add, if you have normal skin you may follow either of these processes, however you can tailor it according to how your skin is feeling, or what finish you like on your skin (dewy or matte corresponding with dry and oily routines.)



even though you have oily skin, you must still hydrate!! if you cleanse your skin you can strip it of it’s natural oils, which is fine to clean out your skin, but if you don’t put the moisture back in, then your skin can over compensate and start to produce more oil. so, a good oil free moisturiser will actually keep you more balanced! there are a million you could use!

primer will be an oily skin’s best friend! you want one that will fill your enlarged pores and give you a super smooth surface, but also one that will help to control your oil production throughout the day. i used the smashbox photo ready primer, which is green, so it helps greatly with red, blemish-prone skin. another one of my absolute favourites, that also makes everything water resistant and is used hugely on the red carpet, is hourglass veil primer with +spf 15 for added bonus. so, if you ever notice your foundation is slipping off at the end of the day and you have an oil free foundation, then you need a primer upgrade. ideally, the right primer will keep your foundation looking shmick all day!

once again, an oil-free foundation will be your best friend. the general vibe that i get from people will oiliness as a skin concern, is that they prefer a matte, shine-free finish on the skin. there are people who still want to look glowing though, but without stickiness. i used an old formula from lancome that they don’t do any more, but the teint idole ultra foundation is a great option. a good one for a slightly sheerer coverage is chantecaille future skin, which is gel based, so super fresh on your skin! the nars sheer glow foundation is another good option for medium to buildable coverage. it is a clay based foundation so works really well on oily skin, but still leaves the skin with a little more glow, and not so matte.

for concealer, you want to still use something hydrating and illuminating, but also something that will set. that’s why i chose to mix the mac pro long-wear concealer, and the by terry touche veloutee concealer brush. the coverage and setting properties of the mac is great, but is too drying under my eyes, so i use the illuminating and hydrating properties of the by terry for that.

a compact powder foundation is usually the way to go to set the skin. it will give you a little more coverage, but is also a great product to be able to take with you incase of needed touch ups throughout the day. the stila illuminating powder is nice because it totally sets the makeup and takes off shine, but doesn’t leave the skin majorly powder-y and flat.

to contour i love the mac mineralize skin finish powder because it is so light and is easily buildable. i just chose a shade a few steps darker than my natural colour to really contour/shade the face. this is what a matte bronzer/contour product is really good for. then the ones with the shimmer and gold are more about all over warmth to the face and catching the light. again my two favourite bronzers for pale-normal skin, is the nars laguna and the chantecaille saint barth’s. within the two same brands are another two great options for normal-tan skin. they are the nars casino, and the chantecaille tahiti.

let me know if you have any questions. that really is the way that i like to do foundation on oily skin. winged liner and red lips are coming up as the next video!

dan xx