the elusive christmas dress

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every year my sisters and i tend to go through the same debacle – finding the right christmas dress.

perhaps that’s dramatic. perhaps it’s just christmas with your friends and family and no one really cares what you wear. or perhaps it’s one of the most special and delightful days with more than usual photographers around!

i feel the pressure of my aunty’s camera phones (ricci!) and the candid shots that haunt you as you are stuffing your face with turkey. so, in an attempt to keep the sepcial feeling of the day, and look semi-decent while devouring various foods, my family definitely put in a certain amount of effort when it comes to the christmas outfit. this dress here is from zimmermann, and was my christmas dress last year. unfortunately with my trip to new york i have held back on purchasing a new dress this year and will be hoping to find a gem at the back of my wardrobe. however, last year’s dress was a winner. pretty, shapely, but totally practical. let me tell you my top three essential details when picking a christmas dress:

1. a good shape from all angles! this is something we mostly look for in clothing anyway, but christmas is one of those photos from every angle kind of days and you want to make sure you don’t just look good from the front, but the back too (also any other possible angle your technologically challenged relatives could get to with their phones!) although you can’t see it in the photo, this dress has a low back and caused for a great reaction as i was seen from behind.

2. allow for stomach expansion! as this day you will probably consume your weeks worth of calories, it is wise to wear something that will allow you to eat to your hearts desire without having to tense your stomach muscles the whole day. something that comes in at the waist and poofs straight out generally allows for that lower belly to fully release. stay away from the body-con!

3. make you feel pretty! with the amount of mariah carey christmas carols that are played in my household, we are well and truly in to the christmas spirit before even dressing for the day. i don’t know about you, but christmas makes me think of summer fun! it’s literally a day that the whole world stops and spends together, which is actually pretty amazing when you think about the entire globe doing the same thing at the same time! i know i am an elf. a lame old christmas elf spreading christmas cheer. but it feels so special to me and that’s exactly how i want to look! so lace, florals, sparkles, jewels, they all add to the beauty of the day! (the bow belt on this dress also makes me feel like a present – which is awesome.)

so, i wish you all the success in the world when choosing your christmas attire this year. enjoy your family and friends and FOOD! for me, it’s just another day to celebrate how blessed we are to live in a country like australia and have the family and friends that we have! thank you god for bringing your son in to the world and giving me (and many others) hope and peace and joy! yay! i like those things!

merry christmas!
dan xx


Life and Love


one of my favourite presents from christmas. i love how tiny the skulls are so that you’re not even sure what it is until you get close. hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday with christmas and new years. i’ve been terribly absent due to enjoying myself far too much. and i’m off to a beach house with some friends tomorrow for a few more days of even more sun swimming and food. it really is living the good life.

now apart from my great jewellery, i received the world’s coolest present that i am so grateful for. but really, you guys benefit from it. a new camera. cannon 7d. and it makes me really happy, and you guys will enjoy better photos. woo. i’ve got a whole bunch of holiday photos to upload soon. and still. waiting the reveal of the alice mccall shorts. so until then. continue to enjoy yourselves, and remember to thank our father for just how much he has blessed us with. lots of lurrrv yall.

dan x


red and green

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i got this bag from my aunty’s store. Imogino. in bunbury when we went down the other day.

it’s a pigeonhole bag. and I love it. actually so much. i was feeling the holiday/christmas season with red nail and green bag. it was accidental but highly appropriate. i also got these shorts from pigeonhole when i went there the other day. i spent so long in there it’s not even funny. i always forget every time i go there how much i enjoy it. as it would seem many other stores in perth struggle to have as much quirk and cool as this store. i didn’t realise it was so hard. mm. well i’m sure i’ll be finding myself in there more often. it was quite marvellous for christmas presents.

anyway. so this is just a real quick post of what i wore the other day out to lunch with one of my dear friends sarah, who has come over from sydney for the summer holidays. good to have her back. if all goes well you will see her face on here soon. got another post i’m dying to show you, just may not get around to it too soon. i’ll finally be showing you the alice mccall skorts. woo.

hope you’re all having amazing holidays. going to party with jesus soon :)

dan xx


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Well hello there, and happy new year :)

So there will certainly be some outfit posts on the way. However, in the meantime, a few, rather spontaneous photos from the last week or so. Hope you have all enjoyed your holidays and make many wishful resolutions that we are sure to forget in approximately 1 month – if that. One of mine – take more black and white photos. Seems simple enough…


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Talk soon..

Dan x