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jacket: Cameo
blouse: Shakuhachi (called Gypsy and can’t find it online)
jeans: from Poppy Lissiman
boots: ASOS (not online anymore, but awesome options here)

so i’ve been trying to find the right pair of distressed boyfriend jeans for a while, and to be honest i didn’t really move that far out if my comfort zone – they’re still pretty tight where it counts. but the point of the bf jean is to not be fitted right? well, i guess it would really depend on the pant size of your boyfriend. as much as they would double my length, i think jordan’s jeans would be fairly tight on me? anyway. i don’t care if i’m following the rules correctly or not, coz these jeans are da bomb. only thing is, i accidentally put my foot in the whole and managed to really gash out the rip. my knee cap is now totally on display, and i’m feeling the draft moving further up my leg. contemplating stitching it back up.

these boots i totally dig, and when i went to share them with you i realised they’re no longer on the website! sozzle gals, i really was hoping they would be there because they kept going on sale. but they’re the coolest boots for adding height without going to dressy or anything. i like that the heel is so chunky that you don’t notice it so much. one thing you may have noticed however, is the colour of my hair. i had it lightened, and it honestly went a lot lighter/blonder than i had originally planned, but i don’t mind it. i mean, it’s just hair right? well that’s what i’m trying to tell myself. i’d like to be a lot more adventurous with my hair, and i think this is a start! and in saying all this, i think i will revert back to a little more brunette soon. how boring.

dan xx

seasonal confusion

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this day was honestly the most perfect weather. it was kind of silly. aaaand it’s winter! maddy and dave were getting a little snap happy by the pretty walls of the cottesloe civic centre and the noodly clouds!


top: Seed (stripey)
jumper: Factory
jeans: Nudie (DIY rips)
boots: Morrison (mum’s closet)


this is pretty much my staple outfit this time of year. boots, jeans, and a rotation of jumpers. these jeans i bought years ago and just wasn’t wearing them, mostly because they were too faded at the knees. so i gave them a little makeover, to look even more worn. i’m a huge fan of distressed denim. i’ve actually been on the look out for a pair of light, faded, ripped boyfriend style jeans, yet the task would seem impossible. i don’t know whether my butt is just too big, but seriously, i can’t find a pair that fit me well. i basically want to look like this. i’ve seen a few online here and here, but kind of not really. but i get a bit nervous with those specific fitting kind of online purchases. perhaps i’ll just wait till new york. in my mind, new york will have every piece of clothing i’ve ever wanted at my desired price and the perfect fit. unrealistic? maybe. but seriously, my expectations are high.

by the way, welcome to caboodle street. isn’t it cute, and far more visually attractive! check out my other sections. there will be lots of makeup posts coming on dan dressed me. lots of music reviews and previews of my own stuff in the studio. and plenty of food and family photos at the casa! yay!

speak to you soon.

dan xx