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So I just thought I would share with you how ridiculously spoilt I was on Christmas Day. Firstly, a few days prior I found out that I was accepted in to WAAPA for singing in the contemporary music course. woooo. You may have remembered when I mentioned it in the past, but admittedly i was a little skeptical about discussing it too much just in case I didn’t get in. haha. But YAY I’m in. So that was an amazing start to Christmas. So on top of that, the day was so lovely being with my family and eating glorious Italian foods! But I just haddd to show you how amazing all of my gifts were. I think I took more photos of them than anything else. Warning. Don’t get too jealous! hehe…




from my family (the shoes were exchanged with the oxfords bellow. a bit too small)




cosmetic goodness




from bella and jordan :)




marc jacobs jellies and nylon oxfords




post christmas shopping




my favourite bag in the world right now. lolla palooza makes some amazing leather goodies!


I think I can safely say that I was spoilt, just like every other Christmas! yay. Hope you all were given the things you wished for and had an amazing day giving out looove to everyone!

Dan x