givenchy in singapore

Outfits,  Summer

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t.shirt: Singapore (the real thing here)
shorts: Staple
shoes: Senso

loving these shoes guys.

i found this t shirt while shopping down singapore’s haji lane last year. it’s one of those givenchy inspired (rip off) printed t-shirts. various celebs (most of the gangsta persuasion) have been seen sporting givenchy tees for some time. really, any cool printed shirt with plain ol leather shorts is a pretty winning combo. this is the kind of thing i would wear to those in-between occasions. like a birthday lunch, or something of that dressy yet casual nature. that’s also why i have been obsessed with my new shoes. (insert love-heart-eyed smiley face.)

so i’m off to new york in 2 weeks. waaaaah. crazy i know. i am, i will say, slightly apprehensive about the cold weather. i’ve heard mixed reviews. some saying the cold won’t affect you and you will get on just fine, and others saying i may get hypothermia. so i think i just need to be prepared. but ah! snow! it will be the first time i have seen it since i was 3 – so the first time really experiencing it. prepare for some rather wintery-wonderland-type blog posts! on another note, i am quite enjoying the colour of my hair at the mo. i couldn’t hold down the blonde, and it was too dark when mum died it “back”, and right now, i am enjoying the ombre ranger gold kind of highlight thing that is happening. can’t wait to get my hair done in NY, but for now i am actually quite pleased, which is always always a good feeling.

dan xx

spring appears

Outfits,  Spring

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wearing a little american apparel stripy turtle neck thing. and a skirt i bought in france by the kooples. the belt is also from paris and possibly my favourite purchase of the whole trip – vintage givenchy.

so i spent all last week in the subiaco arts centre rehearsing and performing for the waapa contemporary show. it was super awesome to be asked to be involved in the show as it’s not for first years, so it was an awesome experience. so depressing to be back at uni. i want to be performing every night! something else depressing is the weather. the sun was starting to shine and i was starting my darn fake tan routine and now it’s just decided to get cold and rainy. not cool. ah the time will come. hope you’re all doing brilliant. another post soon. ooh yeah.

Dan x