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trench coat: FCUK
jacket: Ecrin Archives (singapore)
tshirt: Merry Pn (from poppy lissiman)
jeans: Ksubi (find them here)
necklace: Diva
shoes: Converse (forever cool)
bag: Lollapalooza (almost impossible to find her online)


hi. so there was a great part of my friday. i went to the city and caught up with my friend dave, and we ate great food and took photos as the day turned goregously sunny. firstly was sushi at aisuru in northbridge. i love firstly how black and white the space is, but also how they include trendy new flavours in to the sushi that make it a crafty blend of modern and traditional jap. this was followed by some photos in alleyways and other curious spaces (thank you, david). and finished with some chai and cookie at venn. a place i’d heard of but never been to. it’s a crazy hybrid empire of homewares, food, drink and art, which really impressed me. above you can see me instagramming a photo. something i seem to be brilliant at. instagram. if you’re interested, my user name is simply danielleosullivan. i’m pretty darn good at updating that thing.
so i’ve realised that many things i put on my blog tend to be ‘blog outfits’ where i don’t include my absolute every day wear items. so here’s a little taste of how i tend to look most days. i could live in jeans and converses. and fun tshirts are just fun. also i’m trying out a new way of telling you what i’m wearing. instead of including it in my word jungle i will make it loud and clear at the top. also will include links to these various garments wherever i can.

dan xx


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so these jeans I found in a little store on william st. they’re a melbourne brand called Ziggy, and I guess their closest comparison would be to cheap monday jeans. the maroon is just a little more fun than your standard blue jeans. the top is ksubi. when worn alone can certainly look a little like a tough guy. so the best thing to do is add it with tight pretty things. the cardigan is country road and the shoes sportsgirl.

so i’ve been told that the last music post didn’t work. you’re right. it doesn’t. so here we go again, i’m going to upload it again and hopefully it works this time. because i really like it. and i want you all to hear it :) only 2 more teaching weeks left of uni this year. it’s kind of ridiculous. i’m not sure how this year has disappeared, but that’s literally what it has done. just disappeared. i’m in this excited end of year mood and i just want it to be sunny and do all the things i don’t get time to do during uni. i’m going to try and get some painting done. at least be creative in some realm, seeing as i’m struggling with the whole song writing thing. (which i assume is never good when you study music). we will see how we go. hope this weather stays sunny, because i need inspiration. ah. have a lovely day lovelies.

dan x