maxi skirt


Outfits,  Summer


hello dears.

it’s been a bit longer than usual, but all this end of yearness has kept me quite on the go. therefore not editing photos and such menial things. it always amazes me how i can be so busy on holidays. anyway. once christmas is over i’ll be spending a lot of time on this baby. a long with the marvellous help of my baby sister. who will in fact be doing much of the same thing. she has started a blog very recently. she’s a pretty snazzy little tumblr-er also, but for now check it out and follow her. she’s bound to upload lots soon enough. click here to see.

so clothing wise. as this is a ‘fashion’ blog. i’m wearing a lilya maxi dress that i no longer enjoy in its original form. it’s much better as a skirt. i also wore it here a whole year ago. paired with the cropped neuw top you recently saw, and a terese ruiz belt. it felt quite lovely to be wearing this along the wind swept river shore, bare foot and pretending to be at one with the sand whilst posing. somehow the two ideas seem to contradict themselves. mmm. well hopefully i’ll get another post in soon before christmas. and if not you’ll be hearing plenty from me after. hope you’re enjoying the best holiday season of the year. lots of love and blessings.

dan x

op shop pt 2.

Outfits,  Spring


i looove this skirt. i found this gem at vinnie’s in claremont (along with the cut out top from 2 posts ago). it’s pretty much exactly what’s on trend right now, tho whole cropped almost maxi skirt and colour blocking thing going on, and was literally $4. i mean really? much like good sammy’s, vinnies carry out many community base activities helping those in society who struggle with under privileged lives. they put their faith in action and really try to act upon how much God loves us. it’s wonderful. so i’m always so happy to put my money in to such organisations. you know, i have so many different ideas of who owned this before me. they were however, clearly more modest, as the slit used to be pinned together. but you know me… more leg, more fun. (probably not a life motto, but definitely okay at selected times.)

so this is actually a look that i styled for a shoot i did the other day. the model, megan, was just wonderful to work with, not to mention gorgeous. i did a sort of sixties really colourful inspired makeup, curls, and fun coloured clothing. it looked gorgeous just in the white studio. so i look forward to sharing those photos with you soon (thanks to david broadway). plenty of fun styling went on. so along with the skirt i’m wearing a sportsgirl bustier thing, beefly suede wedges, and an allanah hill velvet bow headband. hectic. but cute. hope you continue to be inspired, you ;)

dan x