nudie jeans

seasonal confusion

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this day was honestly the most perfect weather. it was kind of silly. aaaand it’s winter! maddy and dave were getting a little snap happy by the pretty walls of the cottesloe civic centre and the noodly clouds!


top: Seed (stripey)
jumper: Factory
jeans: Nudie (DIY rips)
boots: Morrison (mum’s closet)


this is pretty much my staple outfit this time of year. boots, jeans, and a rotation of jumpers. these jeans i bought years ago and just wasn’t wearing them, mostly because they were too faded at the knees. so i gave them a little makeover, to look even more worn. i’m a huge fan of distressed denim. i’ve actually been on the look out for a pair of light, faded, ripped boyfriend style jeans, yet the task would seem impossible. i don’t know whether my butt is just too big, but seriously, i can’t find a pair that fit me well. i basically want to look like this. i’ve seen a few online here and here, but kind of not really. but i get a bit nervous with those specific fitting kind of online purchases. perhaps i’ll just wait till new york. in my mind, new york will have every piece of clothing i’ve ever wanted at my desired price and the perfect fit. unrealistic? maybe. but seriously, my expectations are high.

by the way, welcome to caboodle street. isn’t it cute, and far more visually attractive! check out my other sections. there will be lots of makeup posts coming on dan dressed me. lots of music reviews and previews of my own stuff in the studio. and plenty of food and family photos at the casa! yay!

speak to you soon.

dan xx

cut out

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went to the vinnie’s in claremont today, and it was one of the best op shopping experiences i’ve had in a while. honestly. it somehow smelt clean. and the ladies were so excited about us finding beautiful things in there. made me all more enthused to look around. only down fall, it’s such a small shop. anyway. had lots of fun and scored this awesome cut out shirt…


also wearing nudie jeans. wrist belt. and casadei heels.

these shoes are actually my mothers, but i know she bought them knowing i’d wear them a thousand times more than her. (good woman). they’re insane anyway. perfect colour and the heel is just so chunky. reminds me of the 70’s. sort of flared. we got them in florence. and if it weren’t for the hefty price we would have come home with many more from that gorgeous store. next time i’ll know where to put my moneys. oh and i hope you all enjoyed my youtube video. i’ve had pretty lovely response, so thank you all! however i’ve decided it’s a bit depressing. so it’s time i upload something that will make you feel good about living/music/anything. so watch this space for that update.

be blessed my dears.

dan x

kitchen bench

Outfits,  Spring


literally. maddy told me to jump on the bench and i did.

wearing a mens hugo boss shirt. nudie jeans. diavolina heels.

now this mens shirt thing is something ive been exploring. the main reason being the majorly reduced price tag in comparison to womens t.shirts. id rather pay 20 than 80. the other reason being their just plain and fun and big. much like my last post, the idea here is to not be too much of a man and wear something pretty too. i’m so like that. confused about being pretty or being, ah, cool. if there is a difference. hmm. well anyway i love these pretty shoes and i can’t wait to wear them with a pretty summer dress and just be plain pretty. none of this cool business. so here’s so mens clothing and pretty shoes, not to mention maddy’s increasing photography skills,

lots of love

dan x

and the leaves fell

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So, one Sunday afternoon after paying the movie theatre a visit to say goodbye to Shrek for the last time, we took a few snaps on the way home…



Mink Pink dress, Nudie jeans, Italian boots (can’t remember the darn name), Mecca ‘Celia’ nail enamel, Mimco pendant, and an assortment of random jewelery.

Firstly, this park in Subiaco has to be the sweetest. Oh how I love the leaves all yellow and floating around the sky with every slight wind. Not to mention the weather was beautiful. However, the clothes…
The off the shoulder dress (that I am wearing as a top) is a perfect idea for a casual and comfortable outfit. I am learning more and more to look for simple pieces with an interesting cut or embelishment to just make them a little ‘out of the ordinary’, because who wants to dress the same as everybody else….right?
Oh and I really do appreciate Mink Pink. Yes they may take designs from our big fashion mammas and create close to exact versions, but I have never seen a dress of theirs over $150 which makes me excited! Thank you Mink Pink for creating quality, affordable, grooving clothing. And thank you my darling little sister for taking the photos for me :)

Well friends, enjoy frolicking through fallen leaves and have a blessed day.

Dan x