see by chloe

Outfits,  Spring

bonjour. i’m wearing stripes. what is this attachment we hold connecting the french with stripes? it’s so, cool.



jumper: See by Chloe (pretty much sold out)
top: Country Road
jeans: from Miss Brown Vintage (i like this place. it doesnt smell too much…)
shoes: Converse
bag: Lolla Palooza

as just mentioned, the jeans are from this cute vintage store called miss brown vintage, in the city. it was probably one of the best vintage experiences i’ve had in perth, and that is unfortunately not based on prices, but literally the experience. the workers were deeply interested in what i was trying on, and the store is large with a really great selection of things. they get a lot of clothing imported, and it’s layed out so clearly. you don’t feel like you can’t breath from previously existing mothball-in-closet situations either. so that’s brilliant. also this is a groovy see by chloe number that my mum scored in paris and that i get ample wear out of. i couldn’t find a site that it wasn’t sold out on though, my apologies. these photos were taken in fremantle when i tagged along to my sisters lunch date with her friends. no really. i did. and although i’m not sixteen, somehow the braces and the converses allowed me to pass for it. oh golly. looking forward to the day when i feel my age again, and i will be smiling all over this blog. none of this awkward hiding metal in my mouth photos. there will be real live smiling going on.

until that day, we will have to endure.

love to you all.

dan x

parisien pin up

Spring,  Styling


hello great people.
so finally, approximately 1 million years later, here are the photos from the shoot that chantal and i did with maddy. it was a lot of fun, and i think, a brilliant result. maddy just looks gorgeous, and channy did a great job of the hair and makeup. this time around i was the photographer/stylist. i quite like styling. you would expect so. there was no real direction for this shoot, but after chan did the hair and makeup i kind of decided the outfits. i guess you could say i was going for paris meets pin up 50’s meets 2012. i think it kind of worked. either way the photos are super. super cool. i do hope you like them, and if you like chan’s makeup you can find more of her stuff here.

dan xx


mexican tent shirt

Autumn,  Outfits,  Winter


top: Gorman
pants: Miss Shop
boots: Paris somewhere

so a fair while ago now my mamma bought this top from gorman for a mexican party. i however thought it was groovy, definitely festive, but worthy of casual every day wear. its tent like shape allows for great airflow. and the colours will certainly draw attention to yourself. the pattern is almost like aboriginal art in the way that it has spots and lines and trees. i dono. i’m no aboriginal art expert, but i’d say this shirt is the perfect hybrid of australian heritage, mexican fiestas, and a bed sheet. mix that with a pair of khaki jeans rolled at the ankles and a pair of overused boots that you will not stop wearing because they remind you of paris, and you’re in for a great day.
so on another note, chictopia (the web destination for a feed of fashion bloggers) have recently put a photo of me on their facebook page from my previous post. and i’d just like to tell you that it has 4,954 likes. i mean. what. if i could put numbers in capitols letters i would have. just know that i shouted that at you because i’m excited. seriously. if you’ve been one of those people, thank you. it has made my life a little better. i must say though, i did lol at some of the comments with people declaring me their new style idol. i mean that’s just hilar, as i more than anoyone am on this ‘cool quest’. so know that my laughter was only at myself and not at your appreciation for my outfit. i must have done something right to have nearly 5,000 likes… i’m going to stop talking about this now. i don’t want to lose my cool factor by having written a whole paragraph on how popular my photo was…yeah.

so thanks. you’re all amazing and way cooler than me!

dan xx

oui oui. paris

Famiglia,  Life and Love,  Travel

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just a few shots from paris. and despite all the rain it still charmed me. sorry about all the different photo sizes. i really struggled this time haha. anyway hope these make you a little bit jealous, but ultimately happy. i love travelling. something i will pursue for the rest of my life, and paris was just one of those places i wore whatever i wanted and felt pretty great about it. notice my stripes. one day i looked almost like a mockery with how frenchy i was. i loved it hehe. anyway here’s just a little descriptive info:

1. the eiffel tower for about the 4th time

2. the lourve

3. the cool metro sign

4. climbed to stair 669 of the tower

5. popcorn and pomegranate soup at the tower dinner

6. our tickets

7. the hourly twinkle after 9pm

8. my gorgeous sister

9. again in the rain after some vintage shopping

10. amazing chandeliers in the notre dame

11. dad and i after the moulin rouge

12. laudree box

13. macaroons to die for. (we spent an unethical amount of money there)

14. another stripy moment looking out on the boat tour

15. having way too much fun without our 4th sister in the hotel room

(wish you were there pen!)


lots of love.

dan x