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flower power

Makeup,  Photography

yesterday maddy and i did a bit of a spontaneous shoot.

i really wanted to get some beautiful head shots of her noodly (cute) face, and show off some pretty makeup looks. we both kind of adore flowers in head shots, so that was really the inspiration. the first lot of photos is that ‘au naturel’, a blossom within the blossoms type shot. not a lot of makeup, but polished and darn beautiful. the second is a bit more fun. it’s like the flowers painted her face a little. a bit of candy colours and beautiful pinks and purples. a rose amongst, well, the roses. i used one of my favourite stila lipsticks in that shot.

well enjoy these beautiful pics, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


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also, maddy is wearing this beautiful dolce and gabanna blouse that we found in a second hand store in paris. totally appropriate i think. have a beautiful day – smell the roses, or something else pleasing to the nostrils.

dan xx

parisien pin up preview

Styling,  Summer


last saturday i did a shoot with my good friend and makeup artist chantal, and my baby sister madeline. it was a bit different for me, as i’m used to being either photographed or doing the makeup. but i do love photography. a lot really. so i decided to be the photographer and stylist in this case. so here is just a sneak peek of the incredible shoot. it all went so well and i got some amazing shots. can’t wait to share with you all. but for now i just have to show you this child’s beauty. i mean really. she’s incredible and chan did an amazing job of hair and makeup. had so much fun this day.

dan xx

hello dolly



So at the shoot I did the other day, this was basically the makeup. I can’t wait to show you the actual photos, but in the mean time, these ridiculous photos of my baby sister are more than sufficient. I did a really gold eye, winged liner, pinky cheeks, perfect skin, and these exploding pink lips. kinda looks like she just ate an icey pole. i love it. haha.



She looks insanely gorgeous, it’s kind of silly. But anyways, I’m thinking about doing a video of a makeup, now that I’ve finally sussed all that video stuff out. I always ask questions and people never seem to answer. sad really. haha. but I’m going to ask another question. Would you like to see a video of this makeup look? Or a pin up look? Or a smokey eye? Or a day-time look? Let me know. (yes. i’ve said this before, but now it will work. yay)

Oh and another music video on youtube coming up.

Love you all. Thanks for all the support lately.

Dan x