in front of a blue door

Outfits,  Winter


top: Gift from Asia
skirt: Topshop
jacket: Another mysterious asian creation
wedges: Tony Bianco
clutch: Jimmy Choo


friends. hello again. and look at my hat. i love my hat. thank you to dear aunty ricci, uncle mal, and michelle for giving me this hat along with many adorable things on my birthday. thank you also to nona (noni) for giving me this polka dot t-shirt that is ever so spotty and cute. the jacket i got from this little shop in sydney. can’t remember the name, but like many things i own, i like it. the skirt is topshop, and i cut off some super thick stockings that i had to create these sock things. they work great because they’re tight and you can easily adjust the height. you could also be super cool like me, and let them sit at different heights for that i-don’t-care-what-i-look-like-but-i-do kind of look.
and so the main event. my electric blue metallic scrunchy type jimmy choo clutch. scored this baby in singapore with my family. it seemed the only shopping in singapore was designer, or really not designer. if you know what i mean. it was $1000 or $10. and i had no idea where to go in between. but fortunately many of these luxury brands, like mister choo, were having sales to reach the kind of people like myself. that save up much money to spend and then justify every expensive purchase with a. it being on sale (50% in this instance), and b. being so certain that you can’t buy anything like this in baby perth town. so this is how we have blue choo in my arms. i love him, and i think he makes a perfect addition to really any outfit. i’m confident you would agree.

dan xx

stripes and stripes

Outfits,  Summer


so this dress i got from pigeonhole the other day. it’s huge and sheet like. so i put the bustier from sportsgirl (that you’ve all seen before) over to create a little shape. i tried to make it work as a sack. but it was unfortunately far too much of a sack. the belts i joined at one and and doubled around my waist. i know i’m wearing stripes with navy and black, and weaved yellow and purple aren’t exactly the next thing that comes to mind, but i’m kind of really in to non matching colours and patterns lately. you see. i feel i have a lot of clothes. and a lot of them i find boring. i literally look at my wardrobe and want to keep about 5 things and throw the rest away to start again. perhaps in hope that i will be smart/cool/trendier in my picking this time. but generally when i pull each individual piece out, there is something kind of cute and likeable about each item. so my aim is to work on, well i guess you could call composition. although that’s not at all the technical term, i am just trying to arrange my clothes a little more randomly. attempt to layer and contrast my outfits a little more. we will see how we go. and how long i actually last at this. and the shoes are wittner. and once again don’t really adhere with any sort of styling brief. i guess they have stripes. although they are bazaarly coloured. mm. anyway. i’m going wild over a photoshoot i did with maddy. so i must show you that soon. love you all.

dan x

maurie and eve

Outfits,  Summer


wearing: maurie and eve jeans. tbox singlet. pigeon hole bag.

so i love my new camera. and i think i’ve decided the redo the post ive been telling you about with the alice mccall shorts. and im totally finishing the makeup videos today, so you can finally get them. im terrible with this whole time thing. soo i got these jeans at david jones on boxing day. i had never realised how many people do their christmas shopping on boxing day. it really baffles me. but the thing i love about the jeans i guess is the hectic patterned-ness. and i wear jeans a lot so it’s always fun when they’re fun. but they are cropped, and occasionally make my legs look midget like. but overall, i really enjoy them. ooh. and im sure you all would never notice. but after heading to the beach house with my friends, i spent probably the most time i’ve spent at the beach/sun in my life in a few days. and i have never seen my face so freckly in my life. so i put that close up in just so you can see them.

yeah. i don’t know. i thought it would be cool. haha.

see you soon yall.

dan x

red and green

Outfits,  Summer


i got this bag from my aunty’s store. Imogino. in bunbury when we went down the other day.

it’s a pigeonhole bag. and I love it. actually so much. i was feeling the holiday/christmas season with red nail and green bag. it was accidental but highly appropriate. i also got these shorts from pigeonhole when i went there the other day. i spent so long in there it’s not even funny. i always forget every time i go there how much i enjoy it. as it would seem many other stores in perth struggle to have as much quirk and cool as this store. i didn’t realise it was so hard. mm. well i’m sure i’ll be finding myself in there more often. it was quite marvellous for christmas presents.

anyway. so this is just a real quick post of what i wore the other day out to lunch with one of my dear friends sarah, who has come over from sydney for the summer holidays. good to have her back. if all goes well you will see her face on here soon. got another post i’m dying to show you, just may not get around to it too soon. i’ll finally be showing you the alice mccall skorts. woo.

hope you’re all having amazing holidays. going to party with jesus soon :)

dan xx