L(awn) L(eather) Cool J(acket)

Autumn,  Outfits

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My apologies for the title. But, leather jackets are cool. They just are. I feel as though a leather jacket can be worn with any outfit, ever. Even when you’re posing in front of a senior’s lawn bowls club at sunset…

So, this dress is like a big sack and I really thought I wasn’t going to wear it because, don’t get me wrong, I love loose clothing and anything that allows me to stick my stomach out without it being noticed (ample food-baby space), but this was a little too far. I’m thinking of taking the hem up so I can wear it with a belt or just as a short loose sack. But I was playing around with it and seeing how I could wear it, and the knot thing seemed to work quite well. I actually bunched it all together and tied it with a hair band on the inside of the dress. The knot on the outside was a lil too bulbous! All you need is a rubber band and voila! A brand new dress that fits around yo little curves perfectly.

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but previously I enjoyed writing my blog posts all in lower case. There is some little side of my OCD that made myself believe that the sentences looked better when they were all on one level. That somehow starting with a capitol letter and not ending with a capitol letter was not symmetrical, and therefore not okay. On the other side of my OCD is the need for things to be at least somewhat grammatically correct and, well it’s time that I grow up and write with capitol letters where appropriate like the rest of the adult world. (Plus I was starting to write everything in lower case at work and that wasn’t really flying with the clients.) So, here I am, with all my start and stop sentences, made up words, and gangster abreviations, yet writing like a real adult.


Dan xx

big kitty

Outfits,  Summer

tshirt / dress: Sportsgirl
sandals: 2 Baia Vista
bag: Lolla Palooza

been wanting a tshirt dress thing for a while. and this literally is a tshirt made dress. i just bough an xl to accommodate for enough derrière covering. but to be safe i am wearing bike shorts underneath. anyway i love the big leopard head. this is definitely more givenchy inspired than my last big kitty top. now. these sandals. i have been looking for a pair of nude-ish coloured sandals for quite some time. so as you do when there is a sale, i compulsively visited zomp in hope that i might actually find something in my size in the many rows of shoes. and as usual the shoes i ended up liking were not on sale. anyway. i’m happy with the purchase. actually. i liked so many of the 2 baia vista sandals. check them out on the link above. oh and look my hair is growing! exciting! even though i’m not sure how long i will let it get to. i’m still bipolar on the topic of my hair. love and hate. but i think mostly love right now. i just want my braces off so i can better judge how old my haircut actually makes me look. as i took my little sister ball dress shopping, all the saleswomen directed their questions to me and then were taken back when they realised i was not in fact going to a school ball. i had mine four. years. ago. let’s just hope this means when i’m 35 i’ll look 31. well, to looking 17.

dan x

poppy lissiman

Autumn,  Outfits


bustier: Sportsgirls
skirt: Poppy Lissiman
shoes: PeepToe



this skirt is poppy lissiman. the one i was telling you about. i really enjoy it. there is one strange thing though where the dress drapes over the butt. and from some angles, like, i swear, i look like kim kardashian. then again. perhaps that’s not so bad. anyway i really love this skirt. it’s so petal-like. now. you may have potentially noticed my skin colour. as of a couple of weeks ago (when these photos were taken) i’ve decided not to fake tan. trying to embrace my white-ness and just be that. besides, these skin coloured shoes do their job when my skin actually matches them.

dan xx

op shop pt 2.

Outfits,  Spring


i looove this skirt. i found this gem at vinnie’s in claremont (along with the cut out top from 2 posts ago). it’s pretty much exactly what’s on trend right now, tho whole cropped almost maxi skirt and colour blocking thing going on, and was literally $4. i mean really? much like good sammy’s, vinnies carry out many community base activities helping those in society who struggle with under privileged lives. they put their faith in action and really try to act upon how much God loves us. it’s wonderful. so i’m always so happy to put my money in to such organisations. you know, i have so many different ideas of who owned this before me. they were however, clearly more modest, as the slit used to be pinned together. but you know me… more leg, more fun. (probably not a life motto, but definitely okay at selected times.)

so this is actually a look that i styled for a shoot i did the other day. the model, megan, was just wonderful to work with, not to mention gorgeous. i did a sort of sixties really colourful inspired makeup, curls, and fun coloured clothing. it looked gorgeous just in the white studio. so i look forward to sharing those photos with you soon (thanks to david broadway). plenty of fun styling went on. so along with the skirt i’m wearing a sportsgirl bustier thing, beefly suede wedges, and an allanah hill velvet bow headband. hectic. but cute. hope you continue to be inspired, you ;)

dan x