scanlan stripes

Outfits,  Summer

singlet: Scanlan and Theodore
shorts: DKNY (that were once jeans)
shoes: Converse
watch: Marc Jacobs

totally love this singlet which was given to me by my baby sis for christmas. i’ve worn it a few too many times of late. and  just another present to add to the pile is this watch. holy smokers. i was rather impressed when my boyfriend presented me with this at christmas. it’s almost too exciting when you get the thing you were really hoping for. so this little ensemble is how i’ve been dressing almost exactly for the last couple of weeks. no joke. i think i’ve worn about 5 variations of this muscle tee/mini short combo. some would say it’s too much. others would say you’re super cool don’t even worry about it. but i mean, is it really outfit repeating if your alternating colours? it would perhaps only be confusing to those colourblind members of the community, and i’d say they’re a vast minority. less of an outfit repeater, more of an outfit optimiser i say. now go free and optimise.

dan xx

sequins and stripes

Outfits,  Spring

so hello. i’m wearing a sequin covered jacket. in fact it’s probably more of a cardigan, in which case i think gives it credibility to be worn during the day time, right?
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jacket: Miss Brown Vintage
top: Dolce & Gabbana
skirt: Topshop (i think this is it here)
boots: The label has worn off, but they’re from paris so they’re cool
necklace: Poppy Lissiman

i actually bought this for a beautiful friend’s 18th birthday, the theme was sequins. but i mean, really, how cool is it. this was from that vintage store i told you about last post. it was too expensive, but its shine sucked me in and i couldn’t resist. now, my apologies if my speech turns melancholy, or suddenly disinterested. i’m watching the machine gun preacher. probably not the best combination of multi tasking. anyway, this movie totally shows the heart of god and i love it. aaaaanyway. this top was another sweet sale item i got in singapore. i literally made a 1000 dollar saving. what the heck. the skirt i linked you to is the wrong colour i think, but the same skirt. and once again i’m wearing that coin necklace. i literally could wear it with everything. thank you poppy lissiman. my hair is getting longer you may have noticed. i’m actually glad about it. the last couple of weeks i’ve been missing my long hair. at current length however i’m diggin it. what do you think?
perhaps that can be a rhetorical question..

dan xx

manly sun

Outfits,  Winter


jumper: Rosebullets
jeans: Sass and Bide
boots: Glamour Puss
bag: Pigeonhole



i’m alive. back from travels and back in to uni.
uni. i’m rather over it at this point, so just trying to kick myself and get over this mental block that is preventing me from seeing the end of the year, and rather pushing me in to next year already. so aim is to be really good. you know. try and be amazing so i finish the year feeling great. we’ll see how that works out. anyway. this post is more about this groovy outfit i wore one day in sydney. actually it’s a slight variation, as i did just put these clothes on to take the photo. something i seem to do too much…i wish i was a real blogger, and had a photographer boyfriend who was interested in what i’m doing and wanting to perfect their photography skills in helping me build a blogging fashion empire. unfortunately i have only my little sister who is too busy doing school work to take photos. in this case however, i had dave. thanks dave. he even edited them for me. what a guy. so these jeans are sass and bide. i like them a lot. probably one of the better things they’ve made lately. they have the tendency to create curves, which would be greatly handy if i needed it. they just assist in lifting my derriere higher. it’s great i think. also this knit jumper was from some little crazy store in manly and it was crazy. as if that wasn’t evident from the rib-cage-esque back. i’ll show some more photos. candid having fun photos. from the trip soon.

i promise one day i’ll get better at this. promise.

dan xx

stripes and stripes

Outfits,  Summer


so this dress i got from pigeonhole the other day. it’s huge and sheet like. so i put the bustier from sportsgirl (that you’ve all seen before) over to create a little shape. i tried to make it work as a sack. but it was unfortunately far too much of a sack. the belts i joined at one and and doubled around my waist. i know i’m wearing stripes with navy and black, and weaved yellow and purple aren’t exactly the next thing that comes to mind, but i’m kind of really in to non matching colours and patterns lately. you see. i feel i have a lot of clothes. and a lot of them i find boring. i literally look at my wardrobe and want to keep about 5 things and throw the rest away to start again. perhaps in hope that i will be smart/cool/trendier in my picking this time. but generally when i pull each individual piece out, there is something kind of cute and likeable about each item. so my aim is to work on, well i guess you could call composition. although that’s not at all the technical term, i am just trying to arrange my clothes a little more randomly. attempt to layer and contrast my outfits a little more. we will see how we go. and how long i actually last at this. and the shoes are wittner. and once again don’t really adhere with any sort of styling brief. i guess they have stripes. although they are bazaarly coloured. mm. anyway. i’m going wild over a photoshoot i did with maddy. so i must show you that soon. love you all.

dan x