manly sun

Outfits,  Winter


jumper: Rosebullets
jeans: Sass and Bide
boots: Glamour Puss
bag: Pigeonhole



i’m alive. back from travels and back in to uni.
uni. i’m rather over it at this point, so just trying to kick myself and get over this mental block that is preventing me from seeing the end of the year, and rather pushing me in to next year already. so aim is to be really good. you know. try and be amazing so i finish the year feeling great. we’ll see how that works out. anyway. this post is more about this groovy outfit i wore one day in sydney. actually it’s a slight variation, as i did just put these clothes on to take the photo. something i seem to do too much…i wish i was a real blogger, and had a photographer boyfriend who was interested in what i’m doing and wanting to perfect their photography skills in helping me build a blogging fashion empire. unfortunately i have only my little sister who is too busy doing school work to take photos. in this case however, i had dave. thanks dave. he even edited them for me. what a guy. so these jeans are sass and bide. i like them a lot. probably one of the better things they’ve made lately. they have the tendency to create curves, which would be greatly handy if i needed it. they just assist in lifting my derriere higher. it’s great i think. also this knit jumper was from some little crazy store in manly and it was crazy. as if that wasn’t evident from the rib-cage-esque back. i’ll show some more photos. candid having fun photos. from the trip soon.

i promise one day i’ll get better at this. promise.

dan xx

church door

Outfits,  Winter

jacket: Amber and Thomas
jumper: Vintage
jeans: Cheap Monday
scarf: Milano
boots: Sole Society


hi friends.

so i’m in sydney at the moment, and loving it. went to hillsong conference which was amazing and inspiring. and now living life up in manly. thought i’d show you this super duper jacket that i bought. it was about 75% off which made me that much more excited. never heard of the brand, amber and thomas, but it’s soft and groovy. and i like it. i’ll do a proper post when i can be bothered typing, but in the meantime enjoy these cutie photos that lovely dave took for me.

dan xx