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the opshopping continues

Outfits,  Summer


this little stripey sack i picked up for about $8 from the op shop in claremont. to be honest i was a bit hesitant at first. you know the whole shapelessness kind of freaked me out. but i hemmed it short enough that it was okay. as if i wouldn’t have made it short anyway. in the end i’m super happy with it. this necklace is ollld school mimco. and the shoes are 2 baia vista on sale at zomp. $45 yo. p.s. i lightened the ends of my hair a little more. don’t know if you can tell. but what do you think. go even lighter? or should i just forget about balayage. or ombre. whatever its called. coz it was like so yesterday?
i don’t know. help me.

dan xx

op shop pt 3.

Outfits,  Summer


feels like i haven’t blogged in so long. and it’s only been a week.
i feel like this is a good sign. i might actually be getting the hang of this thing :)

so here’s part 3 of the opshop series. i got this skirt from vinnies in claremont. it was $6. the original brand is country road. when they used to have those cool big stitched in tags. they’re cool. i love that it’s just a simple shaped black skirt but has the little sheer spotted layer over the top. i was supposed to take a before and after altering photo. however i forgot to take a photo when it was long. and i decided to wear it before even hemming it. which really was a bit silly. i was pulling an array of cotton from the bottom of the skirt all day. anyway. i will show you once i’ve done it all lovely.

top is neuw. shoes are new kid. i’ve well worn in these babies now. i love them. wear them probably too much. and the whole sock thing, i know, it really does break all the laws about proportions. considering the length of my legs. so i did try to pull my skirt high as possible to make my legs seem longer. the whole short top thing too. i don’t know if it worked. meh. i like the socks and shoes :) oh and i have some awesome makeup stuff coming up. finally they are actually going to work for me. for you. for us. yay. looking forward to sharing that with you. in the meantime, you can jump on to my makeup facebook and see just a few photos from some makeups that i have done. click here if you would like to see. thank you. love you all. see you soon.

dan x