when life gives you lemons

Outfits,  Spring

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top: Can’t remember where it’s from!
jeans: Miss Brown Vintage

shoes: Scanlan and Theodore

new philosophy on life: when life gives you lemons, take a summery blog post.

so i haven’t worn these jeans in aaages. i think the key is to wear a smaller top with it. in the past i have looked oversized myself rather than my clothing. so i do think it can be a little tricky to pull off. it would seem you just have to be a tall bean and then you can wear anything and it will just hang off you, but in my case (and a lot of other peoples) i don’t have this luxury. sometimes i think i have to work way too hard to get a certain style or garment to work on me! it’s annoying.

one thing that i do like to do in order to give me a little confidence, slim me down and allow me to think that i can actually wear whatever the heck i want, is to fake tan. i must say it’s something that i do fairly well because it’s never really too obvious that i have fake tanned. but i think i am going to go through a bit of trial period and just try out all the best tans on the market until i find my perfectly natural, non-smelly, non-sheet-staining, long-lasting, golden colour. i don’t know, maybe it doesn’t exist. regardless, i will keep you informed of my search results. loving that this weather is warming up and i get to throw dinner parties and fun warm evening activities at my cribbb! i’m a little bit sad that i’m missing 5 weeks of summer, but not really. new york is going to be SO GOOD. anyway, it’s 2am and i’m asleep on my keyboard as i type this. so i’m going to leave before i say some too grammatically incorrect.

to the start of spring/summer!

dan xx

asos lace

Autumn,  Outfits

i’ve recently had to slow down on my asos addiction. but this shirt is just one of the many (black) items i have purchased one sale!

blouse: asos
dress: vintage

boots: soles future told
necklace: asos

so. asos. i’ve been like a crazy person scrolling through their site almost every night. not necessarily purchasing, but just being annoying. like putting things in my basket and taking out the things that i don’t really need until it becomes empty again and i restart my search. i feel like every time i get asked where i got this new item, my answer is asos. yet it only applies to black. honestly. i have bought SO many black things. it’s kind of sad. it’s also sad that i have even been spending, seeing as i am off to new york in just under two months. it’s like two months seems like so much time, but i know it will disappear. i need to get on the dont-buy-food band wagon and seriously save. but is it a problem that i feel like i can socialise unless it’s over some sort of mutual meal? anyway, how did i manage to get back on the topic of eating? goodness. in my new blog i must post about delicious things that i have been eating. and speaking of the new blog, it is getting there. it’s going to be a whole new world of awesome things, and hopefully in somewhat of an organised, easy to navigate, but super cool looking site. i tell you, the more talk about this new blog the more work i have to do to actually make it half of how i am describing to you! have fun pretend online shopping.

dan xx

summer sneaker

Autumn,  Outfits,  Summer


something a little casual for those warm, relaxed, dirty hair type days.

singlet: Agent Ninetynine
shorts: Oh Henry!
shoes: somewhere in Paris

this is a pretty typical outfit for me in the warmer weather. and lately i’ve been thinking about sneakers a lot. i find that they just somehow have the power to make any outfit look complete and that little bit more cool than just a sandal or thongs (flip-flops) would do. mum bought these from somewhere in paris on our trip 2 years ago and i only just remembered they existed. i love it when that happens. you buy something and wear it and love it, then forget about for a prolonged period of time, and in some event (usually cleaning out cupboards) you find them again. it’s like getting new clothing. yet more like an old love. rekindling a flame. it’s kind of special and romantic. well, as romantic as inanimate objects can be. if at all.

speaking of an old love. new york. yes. new york. and when i say old love i am referring not to the fact that we have held each other in one another’s arms, but the fact that i have dreamt of the moment that we would embrace for years now, which by my standards makes me pretty much in love. and the time has finally come for this union to become a reality. and in the best way possible too – with my best friend. i’m literally freaking out every time i think about it. there is this part of me that is nervous to go because it won’t be like a movie or like any of the dreams that i’ve conjured during countless sleeps (not to mention all the day dreams). but it will. and i repeat, will. be incredible! i’m utterly excited and additionally nervous as to how i am going to save enough money to buy myself a pair of manolo blahnik’s. okay maybe not manolo’s. i’m no carrie bradshaw. but i think i can sacrifice a couple of meals for a bit of fashion food. then again, this vego thing hasn’t been exactly swimming…

to equal amounts of fashion and food.

dan xx

out of the shadows

Outfits,  Summer

top: Wildfox
skirt: Vintage 80’s leather (other cool options  here and here)
shoes: Gorman (can’t find them anywhere new, but if you’re desperate  click here)

hello everyone.

a well belated merry christmas and happy new year. i’ve had such a great holiday and thoroughly enjoyed this festive season. so much so i forgot to update with this post that maddy and i took a few weeks ago now. love this wildfox top, but the only ish (issue) is that it really is as long as a dress, so tucking it in to things can require cutting back on certain movement to keep your shirt from poking out of your skirt. the thing i love about it is the sort of washed over grainy print on the soft brown. kind of the inspiration for the edit of these photos i suppose. i’m looking forward to the photos maddy and i have coming up for you. it seems each blog post now is becoming this mini photoshoot, which makes it a lot more fun i think. in other news, my sister bought me an airbrush makeup set for christmas that i am so excited to start using on people. to be honest i’ve only used it one family members yet, so i need some shoots/weddings to get me spray happy. i’ve got a mini review plus before and after for you. and i’ve also been thinking and planning away for the new super cool blog. i shall see you soon.

love dan x