wayne cooper

like a true hippie.

Outfits,  Spring

in fremantle. wearing mainly vintage. and a jacket that may as well be vintage by now.


jacket: Wayne Cooper (from years ago!)
top: Retro Safari
shorts: Vintage and probably need new ones now
shoes: Zomp (awesome sandals just come in)
belt: Tribu (a little old now)
glasses: Colab

so i’m loving the mix of the plaid and the paisley. the colours actually work together great, but regardless, two patterns are always better than one. right. so the other day i ventured over to fremantle with my partener in food and photo crime (on certain occasions) dave. we ate lunch at the raw kitchen, and oh ma godd. holy smokers. i don’t even know how to tell you how my mind is blown by that place. no gluten. no diary. no meat. and nothing is cooked. we ate pizza and nachos. it’s so delish and the salads are full of colourful juicy flavour. so this place is highly recommended, and probably a vegan dream. we carried on to moore & moore. which i’m sure any fremantle cafe goers will know and love. but mainly due to it’s attachment to an art gallery and it’s quirky interior. it’s the kind of cafe that makes you feel cool. like you can pretend you’re a new yorker. just minus a few billion people. the weather was really on and off with the sun. and regardless of my melanin deficiency, i am actually looking forward to those full days of sun when you spend the entire day doing, well, nothing.

to summer’s approach.

dan xx

the rest

Outfits,  Spring

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So here are the rest of the photos from my last post.

I seriously love this outfit. When I first put the shirt on, I looked like I was dressing for an office job. And then I put on the silly short and the blazer and bam. A completely different feel. Well. I wouldn’t wear this to an office anyways. These brogues I really love, but I struggle to wear sometimes. And one key thing is needed – fake tanned legs. Something I’m getting in to the swing again with all this summery weather approaching. Oh man. It’s hard having to maintain yourself. goodness.

Anyways. Got another post brewing. Just need to time to edit photos etc. But you shall be seeing it soon. Along with some danitube :) Oh and one more thing. Start following if you’re not already, because I’m having a sweet competition soon. yay. Love yall.

Dan x