white on white

Outfits, Winter

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jumper: Zara
jeans: Kmart (DIY rips)
boots: Beau Coops


Hey peeps.

If any of you follow us on instagram (which you should – @caboodlestreet) you will have seen this outfit posted such a long time ago. Ta-da! Here it is. I must admit, it took me so long to post this as every time I edited the photos I just wasn’t feeling the colours. The images just didn’t have the vibe that I wanted, until I had a serious chat to myself and said ‘Dan, get over it mate – get this tight white post out there!’ So here we are.

Monochrome is always a fall back for me. When in doubt, wear black and white, but I often don’t do it in this capacity. You would have seen my Kmart jeans before, but I recently gave them a new lease on life with a trendy slash across the knee. I’m feeling good about the ripped jean trend – I never really think it goes out of fashion, but the single slash is definitely having a moment. Maddy bought this knit form Zara and we both were like ‘omg so cozy and cute’ – love chunky knits. They are an absolute classic and something you will wear for a long time. But be warned, chunky knits do add a little extra padding if ya know what I mean. Generally we would get a larger size with the jumper to give a slightly lazier silhouette. To me, the ultimate cool-gal outfit is an oversized tee or knit, and a pair of super tight jeans. That way you can show the world that you have a body, but also eat as much as you want and stick your tummy and no-one even notices!

So, I think I like this all white thing. I’m going to give a go at some other colours. I’ll keep you posted. But be free and try all white! (Highly recommend not wearing this while eating spaghetti. Or anything tomato based!)

Dan x